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Akaniero: Demon Hunters, The Next Game From American McGee, Is Finally Revealed

When it was announced that developer American McGee and his studio Spicy Horse would be focusing on mobile/browser games after the release of Alice: Madness Returns I was beyond bummed out. I know that as a game developer American has his fair share of fans and haters, but his general vision along with that of the Spicy Horse team deserved to be seen on the HD consoles. 

Keiji Inafune Goes Old-School With J.J. Rockets

He may have gone off the rails a bit by being brutally honest, but Keiji Inafune is back on track when it comes to be a game developer. After leaving Capcom towards the end of 2010, Keiji went on to create Intercept and Comcept, two new companies whose focus is on both gaming and other forms of interactive entertainment.  After laying low for a while Keiji eventually unveiled the kids centric 3DS game King of Pirates and the ultra mature PS Vita action-RPG Soul Sacrifice.

Crytek Founder/CEO Comments On The F2P Future Of The Company

The video game industry is ever changing in a variety of ways, whether it’s through the technology that powers the games, how gamers play them, and how they’re offered to us.  Over the last two years we’ve seen the free-to-play business model pick up more steam, even so much now that PS3 and Xbox 360 games have gone the F2P route.  We haven’t seen the F2P model exactly become the norm across a wide array of publishers and developers, but Crytek is embracing the model with open arms based on recent comments made by CEO Cevat Yerli.

Hawken Gets A Web Series Thanks To Warner Premiere

Perhaps setting a new precedent in the video game industry, Warner Premiere have announced that they’ve secured the rights to do a web series based on Hawken.  After gathering up buzz when it was revealed nearly a year and a half ago, the mech based action of Hawken has already gone on to receive a comic book series via Archaia, a loosely tie-in arcade pad, and now it’s receiving a top line web series via the same studio that gave us Mortal Kombat: Legacy. So is Hawken truly the next great thing or is it merely set up for mass amounts of trans-media disappointment?

The F2P Genre Gets Some Sci-Fi Originality With Warframe

Most gamers aren’t too pleased with the direction of most games today as they seem too derivative and follow a direct formula that may please a portion of gamers while the rest are shaking their head in disgust.  It’s understandable why we don't see more original games since it’s hard for a studio or publisher to get the funding required to do a crazy concept that would actually please a decent number of people but not the massive amount that would amount to a “blockbuster” level success.

Debut Trailer For Marvel Heroes, The New Free-To-Play Marvel Game

A great many of us film/comic book geeks are still amped up after seeing The Avengers and in turn are desperately looking to fill our superhero fix in a video game.  Ubisoft may be providing us with a comic inspired game based on The Avengers later this year, but the Wii U and Kinect basis of the game has it standing as questionable as of now.

Hawken (Awesome Mech Game) Possibly To Go The Free-To-Play Route

Many months ago a game surfaced that left us collectively wowed. These days it’s not often that gamers are completely excited, more so when the game in question is a PC based mech game. Circa the mid-1990s mech games were the rage and justifiably so, but these days the genre has sadly taken a nose dive thanks to poor license titles (Gundam), and no one really taking any kind of creative risks.

Free MMOs and You

In lieu of the announcement that Cryptic Studios' Star Trek Online is going free-to-play, it's becoming more of a solid investment for companies to adopt a micro-purchase model. Champions Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online and even City of Heroes have all made the change and reported big increases in sales.

Will Free-To-Play Games Come To Xbox Live?

Next year could be a pivotal moment for the video game industry if a recent rumor actually pans out.  According to IGN, who cites a reliable source, Microsoft could be bringing free-to-play games to Xbox Live.  An ever growing staple in the PC arena, free-to-play games haven’t exactly made a debut on the consoles but that could ultimately change if Microsoft has their way.

Doctor Who Is Coming Back To The World Video Games Once More

The BBC has announced their latest video game plans for Doctor Who and once again our favorite Time Lord will be going on a journey entirely new to him.  With a series of adventure based titles for the PC and some horrific Wii and Nintendo DS games under his belt, Doctor Who will be venturing into widely populated genre that is the MMO genre in Doctor Who: Worlds in Time.

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