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Fable Legends Will Be Free to Play, Characters for Puchase

Last year's E3 seemed to be all about the multiplayer experience. While we haven't returned to full couch-coop era of gaming, we did get a bunch of announcements of games that were going to revolve around four player cooperative play. One of the most surprising of those announcements, in my point of view, with the introduction of a new Fable game, Fable Legends.

Perhaps even more surprising, then the original multiplayer-focus announcement of the game, is the news that comes today: Fable Legends will be a Free-to-Play title.

The Sci-Fi F2P Game Warframe Returns With A New Gameplay Teaser [Video]

Announcing a game can always be a tricky thing since a publisher/developer may not want to completely show their hand.  Sometimes it’s best to leave something up to the imagination of the audience to turn on the chatterboxes and get people hyped. The reveal of Warframe from developer Digital Extremes ended up having a lot of people talk about it despite only releasing a simple teaser video to the masses.  

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