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Bungie Shows Us Their Destiny

After opting to forgo their almost pre-determined path of being the latest development studio to enter the yearly installment route, Bungie has finally unveiled their new project.  Over three years in the making, Destiny is the latest FPS from the makers of Halo and it could go on to become the next big thing in the world of gaming. Either that or it’ll be this generation’s equivalent to Daikatana.

John Romero Could Be Going Back To The FPS Genre

The FPS genre is in a slight lull with only a few key titles presenting an engaging experience that in turn results in sales that are complete gangbusters.  I don’t think anyone would say that the FPS genre is dead or is on the cusp of dying, but it is in some need of new concepts to simply reinvigorate it before things do eventually hit a brick wall.

Firefall Preview [PAX East 2011]

Anyone who knows me personally has on more than one occasion asked me to "shut the hell up" about Firefall at least once. Since I saw Red5's world premier video at PAX Prime last year I have been eagerly anticipating my chance to get my hands on the game. Well, Boston made that happen. I got a ton of playtime in with the game and chatted with a few of the folks over at Red5 while doing so.

Another look at Shattered Horizon

Two weeks ago we got a look at the upcoming sci-fi fps game Shattered Horizon, which unlike other games has the setting of space as its backdrop.  The crisp visuals and the fact that you can shoot a guy and see them float away got a lot of people interested. 

THQ takes the war to the Homefront

Today THQ announced their latest project in the form of “Homefront” a FPS from Kaos Studios who were responsible for last years Frontlines: Fuel of War. But instead of being a game that is entirely a fictional romp that takes players to an alien planet or takes place during a past war Homefront actually combines a bit of realism in its story.  The basic premise of Homefront is that it’s the year 2027; the United States has suffered an economic collapse and is now occupied by North Korea.

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