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Hideo Kojima Makes Some Interesting Comments About Silent Hill And The FOX Engine

Putting a lot of stock into Twitter talk is never a good thing, especially when it comes from the master troll that is Hideo Kojima.  A few exciting tidbits may be dropped here and there on Twitter or even from the likes of the legendary Kojima, but most of the time it’s just pointless chatter.  Today we have something that doesn’t exactly fit in the pointless chatter department but at the same time isn’t an official thing by any stretch. More importantly said Twitter chatter involved two things I don’t think we would’ve ever put together: Hideo Kojima and Silent Hill.

Hideo Kojima Once Again Confirms MGS5 + A Solid Snake Update

Hideo Kojima has revealed something that was kind of obvious to begin with but in addition he also dropped a potentially major tidbit that could be awesome for all the wrong reasons.  We know that Kojima is keeping busy doing something as he’s working on the FOX Engine, is overlooking the development of Metal Gear Rising, and is keeping an eye on the recently revealed Enders Project.

Hideo Kojima Issues An Update On The E3 Apperances Of The FOX Engine and Metal Gear Rising

Hideo Kojima is the type of guy who likes to tease people of impending goodness all the time.  When he’s not taking pictures of Spider-Man boxer shorts he recently bought, Kojima is best known for posting a bevy of teases on Twitter that sometimes pan out the way we want them to and sometimes fall short in such a way that Kojima should be the new Troll Face image.

Kojima Productions' FOX Engine Update Shows How Stealthy An Office Can Be

Development may be deep underway on both Project Ogre and the new FOX Engine, but Kojima Productions decided to give us a brief tease of what gamers can expect from the new-fangled engine that will be powering their games.  We’ve already seen Hideo Kojima flaunt some early FOX Engine screens both showcasing an actual prototype of a game scenario along with giving us a glimpse at how the engine can replicate real objects i.e. actual actors with near flawless quality.

Hideo Kojima Talks Project Ogre, Reveals Open-Ended Approach Being Taken

We may be on the verge of getting weekly or at least bi-weekly updates from Hideo Kojima concerning Project Ogre, his forthcoming project which may or may not be Metal Gear related.  Kojima has of course stayed somewhat elusive as to what the core of Project Ogre would be and for a good while most gamers were under the impression that it would be something radically different for the master game designer.

Hideo Kojima Offers A Small Look At Project Ogre

Most gamers may not be totally sold on the revamped version of Metal Gear Rising, but Hideo Kojima has done us a solid by releasing new images from his forthcoming project.  Currently codenamed Project Ogre, the next potential Hideo Kojima masterpiece will be the debut game utilizing the newly developed FOX Engine, the in-house built graphics engine that Hideo and the team at Kojima Productions have put together.

Hideo Kojima Comments On MGS5, Doesn't Say Much

There’s been recent hubbub as of late concerning Hideo Kojima’s "reveal" that MGS5 will happen and that he’s working on it. The news itself came from a legit source as Kojima partook in an interview with OPM UK and apparently said as much.  Well once again we have a case of Euro game journos being a bit too excited and Kojima kind of trolling us with MGS news.

Kojima Is Up To His Old Tricks, New Teaser Posted That Could Lead To Metal Gear Rising Reveal

Hideo Kojima at times can be a man of few words who merely lets his game or in some cases elaborate teases do all the talking.  Things have been rather quiet on the Kojima front for some time and there even doesn’t seem to be an outstanding amount of hype for the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection – which if you didn’t recall comes out next week in North America.

Hideo Kojima Shares A Teaser Image From The Fox Engine (It's Classic Kojima Teaser Time)

Hideo Kojima apparently wasn’t content in giving gamers a tease of a possible Zone of the Enders title for the 3DS as he has released yet another Twitter tease.  I guess being responsible for one of the biggest video game franchises ever allows someone to do whatever they please as Konami really can’t give Kojima a talking to, thus we’re tortured by endless teases.  The latest tease by Mr.

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