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Radial Dialogue - Episode 12 - X-Files and Preacher

Hopefully some of you were able to join us, it does look like the viewership is (slowly) growing, which is exciting and rewarding for us here! Episode 12 deviates from the video-game centric talk though and allows Jen and I the opportunity to talk about some stuff (outside of gaming) that had us excited today. Chiefly amongst those pieces were the details surrounding a particular casting for the upcoming AMC series Preacher and the return of X-Files to Fox!

A major Hollywood studio is trying to resurrect the Halo film

Movies based on video games usually tend to be a horrible thing but a good portion of gamers have wanted one thing: a Halo movie.  At one point a film based on Halo was literally ready to go with director Neill Blomkamp (District 9) set to make his feature film debut.  But then some last minute red tape between Fox and Universal (the co-distributors/financers of the film) snagged production up and everyone was sent home.

Take a look at the Red Dead Redemption short film [Video]

It was announced awhile back ago and now it’s finally upon us. This weekend the Red Dead Redemption short film will air on FOX and to hype things up a bit a trailer has been released.

An Academy Award winning actor joins the cast of Predators

If you haven’t heard already due to living in a cave Robert Rodriguez (Desperado, Sin City) is producing a new Predator film based on a script he wrote a few years ago. But unlike his other projects Robert won’t be stepping in the directors’ chair as that honor goes to Nimrod Antal.

Its headshaking time: a Spore movie is in the works

Sometimes I really wish I could sit in on the meetings where movie studio execs listen to pitches for new films or the meetings where the fate of a film is determined.  Sitting in a room with a bunch of people who have no clue what the property is about, such as the infamous Joel Silver Tomb Raider pitch in the mid 90s where he thought the hero was a male character, must be an absolute laugh riot and a bit scary as well since these are the folks who decide what will hit theaters and what won’t.

New trailer released for Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

With the Harry Potter film franchise wrapping up in two years studios are still trying to find the next big money maker that will get the Harry Potter fans and new folks hooked.  Despite trying in the past with mixed results (see Eragon and Chronicles of Narnia as examples) Fox is giving it a go with a film adaptation of the popular book Percy Jackson & The Olympian

Will you be lucky enough to get a ticket for Avatar Day?

Last month at the San Diego Comic Con the first footage of James Cameron’s long in development sci-fi epic “Avatar” was shown.  Over 20 minutes of footage was shown in glorious 3D for the lucky attendees at the Avatar panel and the general impression from most folks was that the movie looked amazing and will be a game changer in how effects are presented in movies.

New info on Predators

A few weeks ago it was announced that geek favorite director Robert Rodriguez (Desperado, Sin City) would be rebooting the Predator franchise with the latest installment being called “Predators”.

Fox preps Hitman 2

It seems like Fox is ready to keep on destroying beloved properties by giving us a sequel to 2007’s Hitman. Based on the acclaimed Eidos franchise which features assassin Agent 47 taking out targets through a variety of ways, the film failed to live up to the game mainly due to having a muddled plot and action scenes that were rather dull.

It's time for Dragonball: Evolution to invade your home

One of Shogun’s favorite movies to criticize and use an example of how not to make a good movie along with showcasing how Hollywood has become creatively bankrupt is soon coming out on Blu-ray and DVD as Dragonball: Evolution is slated to hit shelves in late July.

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