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Final Fantasy versus XIII TGS 2010 trailer in non-bootleg form!

At TGS last month, Square Enix once again showed a new albeit very small clip of Final Fantasy versus XIII. Despite having Square Enix ninjas abound in the booth, someone managed to capture the footage which in turn made its way online.  But it seems that Square Enix is slowly wising up to the demand gamers have as they’ve actually released the trailer that included the FF vs. XIII footage.

Tetsuya Nomura gives us an update on Final Fantasy versus XIII

Hey everyone, it’s time for our monthly Final Fantasy vs. XIII update from Square Enix mastermind Tetsuya Nomura.  FF vs. XIII is one of those titles where we’ve gotten next to nothing in the way of media/screens, but every now and then Tetsuya Nomura pops his head out to let a few tidbits out which always quenches our thirst for new info.

Final Fantasy versus XIII is now partially complete

RPG fans can rub their hands in anticipation today as Final Fantasy vs. XIII game director Tetsuya Nomura revealed that the scenario for the FF spin-off is now complete.  Now before you get too excited or aren’t familiar with RPG terminology, let me explain things a bit.

New info on Final Fantasy vs. XIII

Another major video game convention has passed and once again we’re left with no new media for Final Fantasy vs. XIII, the upcoming FF game from Tetsuya Nomura.  Even though the development of the game hasn’t become a joke of Duke Nukem Forever proportions, RPG gamers are getting a bit restless about the lack of concrete info and media for the game.  Thankfully Tetsuya has revealed a few morsels of info on the game along with an update on when we’ll see the game in action.

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