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Fan Expo

Fan Expo Vancouver 2016 - Final Thoughts

This past weekend Vancouver played host to the return of the local version of Fan Expo. The show represents, in my opinion, the biggest and most established convention that Vancouver must offer its fandom. There may be shows that are of a larger scale, or perhaps even offer a better representation of their individual fanbases, but Fan Expo seems to be the most recognized and draws in some of the biggest celebrity guest stars that our town sees on an annual basis.

Going to Fan Expo Toronto? Get Assassins Creed 3 For Free.

As a gaming website, we get a lot of promotional emails and press releases, but when one comes in claiming to be giving away Assassins Creed 3 just for showing up at Fan Expo in Toronto, I can't help but read it.

It seems the mysterious gamer group known only as the "G-List" has reappered. If you have never heard of them before, they're best known for their gurilla marketing interuptions of the Canadian Video Game Awards promoting the website

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