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EXP Restaurant + Bar

Vancouver's EXP Restaurant & Bar to Host "G List" Halo 4 Tournament.

On Saturday, December 15 at 2:00 p.m. PST. Vancouver's premier video game themed bar and restaurant EXP will play host to a Halo King of the Hill tournament. Normally we'd limit event announcements to our Facebook page, but this one has a unique twist.

Interview With EXP's Head Bartender Jimi Watkins

I’ve been meaning to interview Jimi Watkins, the head bartender and creative force behind EXP Restaurant + Bar’s drink menu, for quite some time. It hasn’t been for lack of trying, either. From playing email tag to chasing leads of his whereabouts at parties and gatherings, I’ve tracked the illusive Watkins across the greater Vancouver area in an effort to learn more about the construction of a video game bar.

Interview with EXP's Head Chef Miranda Williams

If you’ve been following our coverage of EXP Restaurant + Bar’s opening, including founder Brian Vidovic’s recent troubles with the LCBC, then you know that Vancouver citizens are on the verge of finally getting the video game venue we’ve been clamoring for.

Brian is an inspiring individual, but while he’s one of the primary minds behind EXP, he’s also the head of a team of remarkable people dedicated to making the business successful. 

LCLB Bans Video Games at EXP Bar

Hopefully you’ve had an opportunity by now to read through our previous interview with local entrepreneur Brian Vidovic, the man behind Vancouver’s Video Game themed Restaurant + Bar. If not, I would highly recommend that you do, so you’ll understand the full weight of how awesome the concept is, and how far Brian and his team have come in the development of his dream.

Interview with Brian Vidovic of EXP Restaurant + Bar

For almost two years now the crew of Shogun Gamer has been following along, with personal and professional interest, on the progress of a new local gaming hub in Vancouver. EXP Restaurant + Bar has been in development for some time, and while we’ve watched it grow from the dream of one man into a full-time job, legitimate venue, and reality, there’s always been talk of sitting down with the man behind the plan.

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