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Before Mario Maker

Mario Maker is fast approaching and I can feel the need to create swelling in the collective unconscious. The glorious content machine will roll out level after level and we will never go hungry again as we consume every perfect morsel.

Until that day of reckoning is upon us, here's a few under-appreciate and/or lesser-known level editors that have been helping players thirsty for more flex their creative muscles for the last couple decades.

Nintendo Provides A Glimpse Of The 3DS Update

We now sit five days away from E3, but for Nintendo 3DS users June 6 will be just as exciting as the gaming conference.

I am of course referring to the long anticipated release of the first software update for the handheld device. Since the release of the 3DS back in March, owners have been awaiting this update as it will greatly enhance the 3DS experience.

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