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EVO 2011

EVO 2011: Wrap Up and Winner's Lists

For anyone that still wasn’t aware, though I’ve been trying my damnedest to provide hype for the last year, EVO (the king of fighting game tournaments) took place over this past weekend. Three full days of fighting games, tournaments, side-pots, drama and announcements galore were offered up from the fine people at Mad Catz, EVO 2K, Capcom, Atlus and others.

Mortal Kombat Joins The Roster of EVO 2011

Shogun Gamer’s very own Casey White has been chronicling his journey at entering the EVO fighting game tournament in Las Vegas and perhaps I may enter the fray based on today’s news.  After being looked at as a casual fighting game for more than a decade, the upcoming entry of Mortal Kombat will be at EVO 2011 for the fighting masses to enjoy.

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