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Square Enix Vancouver Showcase

This past week we had the opportunity to head down to a local event put on by the PR team behind all Square Enix’s recent and upcoming releases. We only had a short time to play through everything (2 hours) but we went hands-on with as much as humanly possible!

Below are some shots of the event, along with thoughts (previews) of the titles that were available to us and we had the most time (and fun!) with:

Flame x Blaze (MOBA)

Sky Pirates of Neo Terra and the One Million Facebook Likes

The good folks at Vancouver based social and mobile game developer, Fathom Interactive, recently celebrated their popular title, Sky Pirates of Neo Terra receiving one million likes on their Facebook page.  They did so, of course, by throwing a party, and Shogun Gamer was there for the partying to be had in strides!

Galaxion: Driven by the Rhythm (Outrun 25th anniversary) [Event Wrap-Up]

In case you missed it, this weekend was the 25th anniversary of OutRun and the 26th anniversary of Shogun Gamer's own man-behind-the scenes Corey Rollins. In order to celebrate both, we took part in the Galaxion: Driven by Rhythm event housed at Vancouver's very own Club 23 West.

Gears of War 3 Launch Party [Event]

Over the last little while Microsoft has been running a competition of the ARG (Alternate Reality Game) type with the final round granting those who had completed the challenges and opportunity to attend a Gears 3 launch party at one of two Canadian locations. The challenges involved puzzle solving, location hunting, meat-gathering and all sorts of other non-sense that lead to a location of a barge docked in the harbour at the north end of Main Street (for us Vancouverites anyways).

Galaxion: Driven by the Rhythm [Event]

If you're a fan of Shogun Gamer then you, in turn, know that Shogun Gamer is a fan of events, especially of the local variety. Whenever possible we strike out to find new and interesting geek/nerd oriented events to provide a little love to in the form of publicity, while helping ourselves to an evening on the town with a bunch of our like-minded brethren. Oh, and we do the sexy photo-shoot thing. As such, it's my pleasure to inform you all that there's one such event coming up next weekend!

Cyber Gaming x Starcraft II Invitational Tournament

Fan of Starcraft? eSport? Gaming in general? Well tomorrow’s a pretty good day then… Honestly, there’s generally always a bit of eSport going on… but tomorrow we’ve got a local Starcraft tournament going on, and Shogun Gamer is going to slide down to see what’s to be seen. Everything kicks off at 10:30 am, so if you happen to be in the Vancouver area you should definitely come down, check out the tournament, and say “hi” to the Shogun Gamer crew who will be on-site. 

EVO 2011: Wrap Up and Winner's Lists

For anyone that still wasn’t aware, though I’ve been trying my damnedest to provide hype for the last year, EVO (the king of fighting game tournaments) took place over this past weekend. Three full days of fighting games, tournaments, side-pots, drama and announcements galore were offered up from the fine people at Mad Catz, EVO 2K, Capcom, Atlus and others.

LANcouver 2011 Wrap-up and Afterthoughts

Last week Vancouver played host to one of the city’s largest video gaming events: LANcouver. The event took place over the previous weekend, with three days of non-stop gaming, events, tournaments and opportunities to meet-up/hang-out with a bunch of like-minded gamers to talk a little trash while butting heads on the grand-stage. Along with a plethora of PC games, the event played host to a couple of fighting game tournaments (Marvel vs.

Vancouver's Nintendo 3DS Launch Party

In the world of the Gamer there is no larger event than the launch of a new console. Considering we generally only get to see one every five years or so, it would be easy to compare a video game console launch to the Olympics. That in mind, a smaller hand-held launch like this weekend’s launch of the new Nintendo 3DS might be compared to something like the winter Olympics (assuming you’re not of Canadian heritage, because arguably those are far more interesting to us).

Steve Wiebe tries to become the Donkey Kong champ once again and the result was...

There are some gamers out there who enjoy video games for the freedom they offer while some gamers enjoy games for the break from reality that is given to them.

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