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Eufloria [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Eufloria is a game that takes a novel approach towards the RTS genre and partly succeeds and fails in what it attempts to do.  The unique presentation and small hints of a story are something to be appreciated, but the monotonous gameplay is a bit hard to handle despite how easy it may be to creature structures and send units out to battle.  Those who dig indie games that are a bit out there may dig Eufloria but just be prepared for a game that requires a hefty time investment and isn’t as satisfying as it could be.

The Pros: 

+ Art design is terrific.

+ As an RTS the game has really intuitive controls that never bog the game down.

+ There may not be a heavy story, but the world of the game and the small things that are dropped are really intriguing – even if they seem drug induced.

The Cons: 

- Pace of the game is really, really slow.

- Battles can sometimes feel a bit cheap no matter how many units you send.

- Difficulty is ramped up a lot in the later stages which combined with the pace of the game leads to long battles that are a tad boring.

- Lack of any multiplayer modes is disappointing since conceptually it could’ve worked. Rating : 

One thing inherently wonderful about this generation of gaming is that almost anyone can develop a game and see it through to an actual retail release. Obviously not everyone can make a game, but those dedicated to whatever visions they have can see their concept through conception until it’s in the hands of gamers – whether it be through a hard copy or through digital distribution. Now even if someone has a cool idea for a game they still may not be able to see it through simply because of whatever market trends are dictating what’s popular at the moment.

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