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Batman: Arkham Knight Receives M Rating

It seems as though the next Rocksteady/Arkham game is going to be a little mature than the previous chapters. It was revealed today that the ESRB has slapped the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight with an "M" rating, according to the developer.

Sega's Kinect Horror Game Rise of Nightmares Could Be a Killer App Based On These Details

I somewhat remember this being announced a little while back, but apparently Sega has a Kinect horror game coming out sometime this year dubbed Rise of Nightmares.  With the Kinect having so few core centric games at the moment, we could have a newfound go-to game for people who actually want to use the $150 piece of hardware they bought last November.  Anyway, while Sega has been relatively mum as far as what we can expect from Rise of Nightmares the fine folks over at the ESRB have gone and revealed several details about the game, which should make everyone (or at least Kinect o

The PSN could be going old school with some NeoGeo games

The Wii and XBLA have a nice amount of old-school gaming goodness while the PS3 practically has none. Outside of a few Midway classics such as Mortal Kombat II and a few PS1 games the PSN has mostly been home to tons of original games. This of course has been due to Sony’s desire to push original and innovative content instead of sitting on their laurels but the PSN could be getting a bit of old school gaming in the near future.

The ESRB tells us how awesome No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle will be

No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle is going to be a crazy ass game and there was never any doubt it wouldn’t be.  The first NMH game had a plethora of sexual innuendos coupled with graphic violence that pleased folks like me who enjoy a little bit of fun ultra violence in their games.

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