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Elder Scrolls MMO

Elder Scrolls Online: Impressions & Zombie Werewolf Generals.

The world of MMOs is tricky a market. With each release unavoidably being compared to the juggernaut that is World of War Craft, it’s tough to stand out.

Time and time again we see large name subscription-based games turning into free to play formats in a struggle to build their community and grow. With all of this to consider, I accepted a press invitation to check out the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online. I figured if anyone had a shot at launching a successful new MMO in this day and age, the team of Bethesda Zenimax Online would be one of the best gambles a gamer could make.

Elder Scrolls MMO Reportedly Set To Be Unveiled Soon

The social lives of many gamers may come to an end in the next year or so as the Elder Scrolls franchise may be going the MMO route which no doubt which result in an addiction that may rival high-grade drugs.  Far from being announced in an official capacity, word has lingered for a long time about Bethesda taking the Elder Scrolls franchise the MMO route and now a recent post made on Tom’s Guide is pointing to such a thing being a reality with a reveal bound for May.

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