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Eight Days

Want To See More Of Eight Days? Well Here's A New Video For You

This may only make some gamers bitterer than they already were, but yet another Eight Days video has been released. You may remember yesterday we got some new footage of the game and today we have another video detailing a prototype for a complete level.  Previously my hype for Eight Days was high and I was saddened when the game got the boot but I always understood some of Sony’s reasoning behind making such a decision.

More Footage Of The Cancelled PS3 Exclusive Eight Days

Since today is leaky ship Monday, a brand new video for the cancelled PS3 game Eight Days has been released.

Another glance at Eight Days in the form of newly leaked footage and images

Three years ago when Sony showed off what the PlayStation 3 was capable of they showed a trailer for a game called Eight Days. To many this was one of the best trailers Sony showed at their E3 2006 presentation due to the quality of the animation and the unique action it showed. As we know the trailer for Eight Days and the others at Sony’s E3 conference were all pre-rendered but there was still some buzz amongst action game fans over the potential Eight Days had.

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