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A Small But Important Update On The New Tomb Raider

Details may have been scarce since the game was unveiled and shown behind closed doors at E3 last year, but things are progressing well with the new Tomb Raider reboot. In fact things at Crystal Dynamics have been going so smoothly that it has been revealed that Tomb Raider has now reached the all-important Alpha stage which could mean we’ll see Lara Croft return sooner rather than later.

Why You Should Care: Kane and Lynch: Dead Men


You know what? I’m really quite starting to enjoy this little segment. It might have been conceived on a whim, but it’s turning out to be a rather good little soap-box that allows me to vent my heart-felt opinions on some games that I’m personally invested in. And now that I’ve pretty much exhausted (for the time being) the bulk of my up-and-coming loves of the gaming industry, it seems an opportune moment to exercise some demons of gaming past. 

Want A Free Bionic Arm From Deus Ex: Human Revolution?

This isn’t really breaking news per say as it more or so falls in line with how cool certain contests can be yet at the same time being wholly ridiculous.  In an attempt to further hype up Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which is coming out in August, Square Enix is throwing one of those fancy video game contests that have been present since the SNES days.  Like Deus Ex itself, the contest Square Enix is throwing is rather impressive and is far from being normal, mainly because you have the chance to win a bionic arm.

Legacy of Kain Could Be Making A Much Awaited Return

There are quite a few franchises that gamers really want to come back in some form.  Over the years we’ve seen franchises come and go and even popular ones such as Onimusha have vanished to the ether despite selling millions of units and gaining a wide fanbase across the globe.  One such franchise that has a massive cult following, both amongst gamers and developers is the Blood Omen/Legacy of Kain series. 

A Small Update On The Upcoming Tomb Raider Film

Hey, you remember the recent news that broke concerning yet another film adaptation of the Tomb Raider franchise? Well it appears that some actual headway has been made in the projects as writers Hawk Ostby (best name ever) and Mark Fergus have been attached to write the film. Normally news like this either wouldn’t be that big or it would just be greeted as bad news due to the background of the writers in question.

A Blurry Screenshot of Thief 4 Emerges, But At Least It's Something

I may be excited for it, but amidst all the other games being released or announced, I kind of forgot that Square Enix was still making Thief 4.  Unlike other games whose development has about fifteen different layers of subterfuge to it, Thief 4 was indeed announced publicly to be in development, though not a single peep has been said about it.  The lack of immediate publicity and or details for Thief 4 can likely be stemmed from how Eidos Montreal is handling the project and as we all know they’re busy finishing up the possible GOTY candidate that is Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Legacy of Kain/Blood Omen 3 Concept Art Shows Us The Game We Never Got

Amongst the games that rightfully deserve a new installment on the HD systems, the Blood Omen/Legacy of Kain series is definitely one that should grace us with its presence once more.  For gamers who sadly didn’t experience the Blood Omen or LoK games for the PS1 and PS2, the series revolved around a battle between vampire factions and the remnants of humanity that existed in an ancient gothic/medieval setting.  The Blood Omen/LoK series gained popularity amongst gamers thanks to its complex story that interwove plots that at times spanned entire centuries, which occasionally made

First look at Downfall, yet another cancelled game

I guess this is the week to reveal cancelled projects since we have a look at yet another game that was given the boot.  This time the game comes to us via Lara Croft developer Crystal Dynamics and of course the game was a new IP. Oh my god, a new IP was cancelled in favor of the developer working on an established franchise!?!? The injustice in the video game industry continues!

An update on the next Tomb Raider game

Who would’ve thought a new Tomb Raider game would be released next winter? Well I’m sure we’re all going to be surprised (not really) since a new installment of the immensely popular Tomb Raider series is set to drop next year.  The news comes via Eurogamer who reports that developer Crystal Dynamics is now toiling away at Lara Croft’s next adventure.

Hitman 5 unlikely to appear at E3

Unless we’re being tricked it seems that the silent bald assassin Agent 47 will not be in attendance at E3. I’m of course referring to the latest installment of the popular Hitman series. While Agent 47’s latest game has yet to be officially announced, it has been hinted at and confirmed through updates concerning the next Hitman film.

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