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An Open Letter to Capcom

Listen, Capcom. We've been friends for a very long time. Remember you, me, and Mega Man 2? I sure do. We played lots of Mega Man together. Those were good times. We've been close, you and I, so I hope you can understand my disappointment with you today.

When Mega Man Universe finally got cancelled, I can't pretend I was surprised. It was a good idea, but the endeavour seemed like more than I expected you guys to put out. It sucked, but I got over it. See? I can be very forgiving.

The Co-Op Conundrum


Why Downloadable Titles Are Helping to Drive the Industry


Today's gamer is a frugal one. There are certainly a vast number of us who jump to the local game shop on launch day to buy the big new thing, but how comfortable are we with throwing down $70+ on a new title we aren't even sure we'll like? 


The Potential Blunder Moments Of E3 2011

Every year gamers look forward to one specific thing due to the near endless joy that it offers. No, I’m not referring to the ever so crowded but amazing Winter release schedule that this year will bring us games such as Uncharted 3 and Modern Warfare 3.  I’m instead referring to E3 and the near infinite amount of amazement it offers.

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