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Looking Back At G4 And What The Future May Hold

By now you may have heard the news that G4, the first cable channel catered directly to gamers, will soon be a thing of the past.  While the plug hasn’t been pulled on G4 overnight, NBC (the parent company of G4) has announced that the channel will go through a major rebranding and in turn will cease to be as it is today. This news may not be that surprising since G4 has been in the dumps for years and in turn such a thing may be cause for celebration as we could receive the video game channel we deserve to have.

Will Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified Give The PlayStation Vita A Much Needed Boost?

So far the PlayStation Vita hasn’t exactly been a booming success right out of the gate. While most console launches are far from perfect for a variety of reasons (defective hardware, limited supplies, poor software), the Vita hasn’t been a flop but it hasn’t lived up to the success Sony has had when launching prior consoles.  The low sales numbers the Vita received in Japan have been particularly distressing considering the solid software line-up Sony put together which catered to a variety of tastes and interests.  

What if? Episode 2

The backlogs of gaming history are filled with mystery, intrigue and doubt. Like in all pop culture, there always seems to be alternatives to the reality presented. While many gamers can live their lives with what’s in front of them, I’m about to ask the question, What if?

GDC Year One: A CBW Retrospective

To be clear, this is Shogun Gamer’s second run at GDC. We had another team go last year, so I wasn’t involved. This article is of a more personal nature. This was my first ever experience with GDC, and I wanted to share some insights and opinions that were gathered during my week-long stay in San Francisco for the event, and give that ‘behind the scenes’ look at convention coverage that I love to read about myself, but can’t find online often enough for my tastes.

What We Want: Pokémon Black and White 2

We now know the next instalment in the Pokémon franchise is a sequel, that being the case it opens the door to a lot of possibilities. 

Black and White Two is of course the first official sequel to ever come from the long standing franchise. What does this mean? Well I believe some hints may be sitting right under our noses. Before we jump into the story let’s talk about the concept of this being a sequel.

More Companies Endorsing After-Market Handhelds; Retro Fans Rejoice!

Classic titles from some of the best companies of the 1990s seem to be released over online console networks almost as a favour to most. It's no shocker that many gamers want to see their old favourites brought back to life via whatever medium will be handed to them. I'm not sure if companies like Sega and Square-Enix are trying to cash in on well-known classics or throwing a bone to those fans who cling to their shiny legendary releases, but at least a couple of them are recognizing that there is a fantastically untapped market: handhelds for fans who already own the games.

Shogun Gamer's Best of 2011 Awards - Finale

We’re back! I assume that you are all as excited to hear Shogun Gamer’s Day Two of Awards as much as we are to provide them. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on Day One, we’ve received warm reception so far on the new approach to award-supply that our team opted for this year, and we’re glad to hear that our little gamble paid off!

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