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Eat Sleep Play

The Studio Conundrum Of Sony

Seeing things evolve and change over time is expected since it’s part of our culture.  Such evolutionary changes are of course present in the world of business since consumer tastes or hot trends will often dictate how things are both created and presented to the masses, sometimes resulting in the next big thing surfacing or an embarrassing flop being thrown our way which won’t be forgotten any time soon.  Companies doing the things they do may forever remain mysterious and perhaps unpredictable to us, but in the case of Sony the company is almost making a notorious name for thems

Eat Sleep Play (Twisted Metal) Shifts Development Focus and David Jaffe Departs Company [Updated]

Next week could prove to be a bittersweet occasion for PlayStation gamers as it could be the final time we receive a Twisted Metal game from David Jaffe.  The latest iteration of Twisted Metal may not have hit retail yet, hence it hasn’t gone on to become a hit or failure, but developer Eat Sleep Play has reportedly let several employees go and studio co-founder David Jaffe has left the company.  In the realm of unexpected news I think this Eat Sleep Play development ranks up next to Team Bondi closing in the “How the hell is this happening?” department.

Latest Twisted Metal Trailer Is Both Grim and Exciting

It may still have been disappointing for PS3 gamers that Twisted Metal missed its original October release date, but at least we know that David Jaffe and the team at Eat Sleep Play are putting their all into the project.  So far I’ve been impressed with the new Twisted Metal, which despite not reinventing the series drastically still manages to give gamers and TM fans what they want: fast vehicular based action.

Twisted Metal Hands-On [PAX Prime 2011]

These days it’s almost common for the video game industry to go the film industry route and reboot or relaunch existing franchises that really don’t need a comeback since they’re already so damn good.  At times hearing that a game is making a much awaited return after staying dormant for five years can lead jaded gamers being happy for once but on the other hand it can also lead to DmC type situations – pure resentment to the max.

Latest Twisted Metal Gameplay Video Has Lots Of Destruction And A Big Ass Mech

Amidst the line-up of games slated to be released this year it may be easy to oversee that Twisted Metal will make its PS3 debut later this year.

The Roads Are Once Again Dangerous In This New Twisted Metal Trailer

To many hardcore PlayStation gamers the Twisted Metal franchise holds a special place in the hearts of gamers.  Back in the day of the PS1, the Twisted Metal franchise was the first major game that allowed gamers to hop behind the wheel of a vehicle and let gamers go completely mad as they blew up other cars, some of which included an ice cream truck and a man trapped between two massive wheels.

A glimpse at the live-action cutscenes of Twisted Metal

The San Diego Comic Con didn’t just feature a wealth of new movie info for projects like Thor but there was some video game goodness as well.  Aside from the megaton announcement that was Street Fighter X Tekken, SDCC 2010 also had some info on this little project called Twisted Metal.

Twisted Metal Hands-On [E3 2010]

If you’re a gamer over the age of 15 then this was a good week for you as it marked the return of a great franchise.  After quasi announcements, rumors, and message board denials it was finally announced that Twisted Metal would be making its long awaited debut on the PS3. Developed by David Jaffe’s new studio Eat Sleep Play, Twisted Metal (final name) isn’t a complete reinvention or reboot of the franchise. Instead it keeps things simple with good old fashioned vehicular combat, complete with killer clown ice cream drivers with a flaming head.

A teeny tiny update on David Jaffe's new game

It’s time to go into random speculation and hype over drive once again thanks to the newfound news source that is Twitter. It’s good that gamers can get updates from game developers and at times even get the chance to talk to them but sometimes, especially with the nugget of info I’m going to drop, it may be a bit of a nuisance merely due to the never ending speculation we’ll have to endure.

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