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EA Officially Ends The Season For NBA Live 13

Things likely aren’t rosy within the massive halls of Electronic Arts since the company has officially put the kibosh on NBA Live 13.  After announcing the game would be delayed, possibly into early next year, EA has officially decided to cancel the game all together; resulting in the 2nd straight year in which EA has failed to ship a NBA game despite having one in active development.

EA Puts NBA Live 13 On The Bench (It Got Delayed)

For the second year in a row EA has missed its initial opportunity to launch a NBA game.  If you recall, last year saw the downright dismal situation that was NBA Elite 11.  After rebranding the franchise and going with completely analog based controls, NBA Elite 11 suffered a terrible setback when the reception from the pre-release demo was overwhelmingly negative. The reaction from gamers and the buggy nature of the game resulted in EA cancelling NBA Elite 11 at the last minute despite copies having already been pressed and sent to certain retail outlets.

MLB The Show Developer Jumps Ship To EA Tiburon

Today there’s some good news and bad news in the world of sports based video games. The good news is that after half a dozen minimal if not entirely poor iterations the Madden franchise may have a chance at being great again. The bad news is that such a thing will see a key figure from Sony’s MLB The Show team jump ship.

NFL Blitz Is Mounting A Comeback

EA may have put themselves in a corner as far as the Madden franchise is concerned, but the company is giving us something gamers have been waiting for: the return of NFL Blitz.  While NBA Street may be in a deep slumber within the halls of EA, the company has secured the NFL Blitz rights and is hard at work on offering gamers an arcade rich football experience complete with fast action and brutal hits.

Could Major Changes Be In Store For Madden?

There could be some changes inbound to the ever popular Madden football series based on word that several high level members of the development team jumping ship to a new studio.  According to a source of Pastapadre, several members of Tiburon (the studio that makes Madden) are leaving the studio and are possibly joining a newly created studio that focuses on social games.  Jumping from a major studio to one that focuses on social games may seem like its career su

NBA Jam [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

NBA Jam for the Wii manages to take the highly entertaining formula from the old Jam games and faithfully recreate it for a new era of gamers to enjoy. Despite using the Wiimote, NBA Jam offers an incredible amount of fun through its nostalgia, over-the-top gameplay and inventive modes. NBA Jam fans shouldn’t do themselves a disservice by not checking out the game now as EA definitely didn’t give us a bastardization of the granddaddy of arcade basketball games.

The Pros: 

Controls are good and thankfully are devoid of waggle moves. Seeing a big-headed version of Kobe Bryant or LeBron James looks good and perfectly captures that silly NBA Jam vibe. The Remix Tour and boss battles are really nice additions to the NBA Jam franchise and provide some thrilling moments.

The Cons: 

Occasionally the A.I. teammate is either brain-dead or is a ball hog. The game doesn’t feel as fast as it could be as the Turbo button doesn’t seem to give a huge boost to speed. A few of the boss battles may be too challenging for some. Rating : 

Everything has two sides to it, whether it’s obvious or perhaps hidden underneath the surface.  As much as some would like everything to be the same, there are those out there who like variety, hence the dual nature of things.  The dual nature of things is perhaps better felt anywhere else than in the world of video games.  With thousands of games released every year, we often have multiple variations on one key format or formula, which usually is meant to please the gamers out there who want something different.  With sports games it’s a bit tricky to nail down what peo

[PSA] EA Sports MMA demo available today

In case anyone forgot, the EA Sports MMA demo will be available to download today on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.  In fact, the demo is already up on the Xbox Live Marketplace so if you’re reading this at home you can immediately get your MMA action on.

If you’re like me and are currently stuck at work then you sadly won’t be able to leg kick anyone for at least another eight hours. But if you want to take a glimpse on what the game has to offer, then perhaps you should take a look at this new demo video.

The hardcourt is ignited in NBA Jam [Video/Screens]

Despite the drama involving NBA Jam appearing on the PS3/360, I’m still excited for it.  Yeah, having to pick up NBA Elite 11 in order to play NBA Jam this year is a bit of a downer, but the prospect of being able to perform a flaming slam dunk or playing an arcade basketball game with a buddy makes the rage within me subside a bit.

EA Sports MMA demo enters the ring later this month

After months of anticipation, intrigue and hype, Electronic Arts’ foray into the world of mixed martial arts is almost upon us.  It’s been a long time in the making but in less than a month EA Sports MMA will be available to gamers out there who want an alternative to THQ’s UFC Undisputed 2010.  But even with all the videos released so far there’s been some worry that EA Sports MMA may not have what it takes to become the champion of MMA video games.

Additional EA Sports MMA features revealed

Maybe I’m a bit lttp on this info, but EA has just revealed a few new tidbits about EA Sports MMA.  The last thing we heard about EA Sports MMA concerned the country spanning Career Mode which allows players to train in Brazil and even Thailand.  But now a bevy of new features have been revealed which once again could make EA Sports MMA the MMA video game champion.

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