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Criterion Reportedly Not Doing NFS: Underground Remake

Rumors of another reboot in the Need for Speed franchise have now been debunked by Criterion Games Creative Director Alex Ward.  Originating from EGM, rumor had it that a reboot of NFS: Underground was in the works. 

The rumor itself seemed plausible given the previous NFS reboots that have been released in recent years and reportedly jived with tidbits EGM had heard about such a thing. Though now it seems like the rumor is nothing but bunk.

EA Reveals New Swedish Based Studio Tasked With Creating New Need For Speed

EA always has a plan for everything, more so when it involves one of their core franchises. No major shake-ups have occurred in the world of EA franchises, such as the FIFA team suddenly taking on Madden, but a new studio has been added to the fray to handle the ever growing Need For Speed franchise. 

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