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Wonderbook Book of Spells Preview [E3 2012]

Wonderbook Book of Spells Preview [E3 2012]

I take a look at the key title for Sony's Wonderbook device.

007 Legends Preview [E3 2012]

007 Legends Preview [E3 2012]

James Bond's latest adventure is looking good so far.

Spy Hunter Hands-On [E3 2012]

Spy Hunter Hands-On [E3 2012]

The Spy Hunter franchises gets re-enlisted in a new handheld focused entry.

Papo & Yo Preview [E3 2012]

Papo & Yo Preview [E3 2012]

Papo & Yo once again leaves me stunned through its compelling gameplay and art direction.

Disney Epic Mickey: The Power Of Two Hands-On [E3 2012]

Disney Epic Mickey: The Power Of Two Hands-On [E3 2012]

Mickey's return is shaping up better than his last adventure.

E3 2010

Vogel's TwistDock for the PS3 [Preview]

At this little video game shindig called E3 2010 I came across several cool products. Some of the cool stuff I saw were nice peripherals, cool one-off PC items or standard silliness (Hello Kitty products FTW).  But amongst the many items I saw there was one that stood out the most for me due to several reasons, the most notable of which is that it's for the PS3. 

A final artistic look at E3 2010

E3 and the subsequent post-E3 aftershocks may be finally ending but that doesn’t mean people aren’t still talking about it. While we weren’t graced with any true hardware surprises or game announcements, E3 2010 was memorable if only for the extremely strange Konami conference.

Portal 2 E3 Demo's Final Two Chapters

And so we reach the conclusion of the Portal 2 seven-part E3 demo reel. In the final two chapters we get a look at new liquid materials that will help you find your way from point A to point B. Chapters 6 and 7 deal with the Repulsion Gel and Propulsion Gel respectively. They both do exactly what you think they would, and look to make the game a whole lot more momentum based when the second chapter launches. Check the videos below to get your Portal 2 E3 Demo fix slated, that’s all there is folks!

Portal 2 Provides Two New Videos and Contraptions

Ahhhh, there’s nothing as exciting as a good Portal tease. Valve released two new videos of their upcoming sequel today to give a better idea of some of the gameplay-upgrades they’ll be unleashing on us when the second instalment drops. I have to say, while these features do look like they will be first, and foremost, a whole lot of fun; there definitely is a series of dark and devious possibilities that begin to float in my head. I can see the puzzles in Portal 2 being far more difficult.

Video Games' Best Kept Secret

With the Recent events at E3 and all of the juicy love that came with it, we we're given a first look (a day after the photos leaked) of the new Xbox 360 design. Now although this is not much of a shocker, because the PS3 did a re-design and they must follow suit, it was still an awesome reveal.


Portal 2 Media Blow-out

At E3 2010 Portal 2 was showcased to a select few behind closed doors. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get in during the show itself, but thankfully Valve is divvying out the spoils post-E3 in seven parts online. The first three parts to the demo that was shown at E3 are up now, with the promise of the rest to follow shortly. If you’re even half as excited for the sequel to what is possibly the greatest puzzle game since Myst, then you’ll want to check out the videos below… several times.

Shogun Gamer's Best of E3 Awards [E3 2010]

Now that there’s been a good week and a bit to digest the goings-on of E3 2010, the Shogun Gamer staff decided to sit down and discuss the event. One of our favourite things as gamers is competition, and as such every booth and game at E3 was competing for our attention. Here we highlight some of the best booths, companies, and games that E3 2010 had to offer. Of course there were plenty of games on the show-floor, and many that we didn’t get to make time with, but these titles represent the very best of what we saw as decided by those who were covering the show.

SOCOM 4 Hands-On [E3 2010]

When it comes to pillar franchise titles for the PlayStation brand SOCOM is definitely one of them. Ever since the series first hit the PS2 it has captivated gamers thank to its realistic yet accessible recreation of military combat.  The SOCOM series did have a few low points though as its PS3 debut last year wasn’t quite what the fan base was expecting or wanted.  But after giving us the online epic MAG, developer Zipper Interactive is returning to the SOCOM franchise with a new action packed game that could further split the Socom community.

Time Crisis: Razing Storm (PS Move) Hands-On [E3 2010]

It’s not too silly of me to say that most of us thought the PlayStation Move launch line-up would be geared towards the casual crowd.  With Sony’s pre-E3 showing not inspiring full confidence, the general thought of many was that we would get 10 party games and if we were lucky at least three games for us core gamers. Of course that isn’t the case as Sony is doing a nice job balancing the casual and core games for the impending September launch of the PS Move.  One surprise launch game is the return of the Time Crisis franchise with Time Crisis: Razing Storm.

Killzone 3 in 3D Hands-On [E3 2010]

Even though it was just announced a few weeks ago, Killzone 3 is shaping up to be a special game. Killzone 2 was met with praise for its amazing graphics and compelling gameplay that wasn’t just another Call of Duty clone. But Killzone 3 is such a jaw dropping game in its current pre-alpha form that people (including yours truly) have no problem standing in line for almost two hours to try the game out in 3D.

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