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E3 2009

E3 2009 Game Critics Winners List

Alright, so the time has finally come! The winners of the 2009 E3 best of show has been announced. The Game Critics council of video game journalists from about 29 major publications have made their selections. Feel free to compare your list of favourites against what actually won. In fact, why not turn it into a little drinking game? I know how gaming and alcohol goes hand and hand, throw a little gamble into the mix and you got the next great american past-time. Remember each time you got one wrong you need to do a shot!

E3 2009: Game Critic's Award Nomination List Released

The week following E3 there’s generally a nice little downturn in gaming related news. Pretty much everything will have been thoroughly showcased and commented on during the week of E3. “So where do we go from there?” you might be asking yourself. Well the answer is quite clear; a look back.  A retrospective if you will. This comes in the form of the Game Critic’s awards. The nomination list was just recently released.

QuarterSave Podcast - Episode 05 - E3 Wrap Up

Alright! E3 has finally come to conclusion and there have been a lot of goings on this week. With all these gaming stories to go on about, it seemed a good time for QuarterSave to have it’s first guest host on the show. Corey Rollins from joins us this week to talk about the E3 showing that we’ve all be watching carefully.

We discuss the big three’s conference showing, and games that caught our attention during the week.

Final Thoughts: Microsoft E3 2009

Wow, this week has been hectic. It’s been a full time job just reading the stories that have been flowing constantly out of E3. But this seems like a good time to take a step back and reflect on everything that is Microsoft E3 2009. The week started out with the Microsoft press conference, which was arguably the best of the three main shows this year (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo).

From Chrome to Chrono

Last year players were introduced to the unique puzzle game “Echochrome” which had them navigate various M.C. Escher style puzzles by changing the angle at which the puzzle is viewed. Echochrome was well received by many who found its brain busting puzzles and unique presentation to be a welcomed addition to the puzzle genre and the PlayStation Network. The series is now continuing with a sequel of sorts in the upcoming Echochrono for the PlayStation Portable.

Afterthoughts: Sony E3 2009 Conference

Yesterday Sony held their E3 2009 press conference and they had a lot to live up to. The day before Microsoft wowed both the press and the consumers with their impressive line-up of exclusive games such as Alan Wake, Splinter Cell: Conviction and Crackdown 2. But the showstopper at the Microsoft Conference was the reveal of their Project Natal motion camera and the accompanying Milo AI tech demo which showed some amazing motion and recognition tech all done via a camera without an aid of a controller.

E3 2009 Sony Conference Live blog

After an incredible showing from Microsoft yesterday that showcased several exclusive games and the incredible Project Natal it’s time for Sony to respond with their E3 press conference. While much has been leaked already (PSP Go in Qore) or flat out shown already (Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2) there are still a few surprises in store as Sony never shows all its cards before a big show like this.

E3 2009: Microsoft's Press Conference "Live" Blog

Finally it’s time for another E3. This year promises to be big, after looking over the exhibitors list and the games that were announced to be shown at this year it’s evident that E3 is back to its roots. This looks to be a huge show. First up for the developer conferences is Microsoft, which is scheduled to begin in a couple of minutes. Currently I’m getting myself situated and prepared for the show (which I’ll be watching live via G4). I’ll post everything as it happens, and give a bit of reaction to the news, live blog style.

BioWare lets us breathe easy with new Mass Effect trailer

Damnit BioWare! You know I love you, but you have a hell of a lot gumption toying with my emotions.

A new Dante's Inferno trailer (too bad it's CG)

Last night on the Gametrailers TV E3 special a brand new trailer for EA’s upcoming God of War clone Dante’s Inferno was shown. Since premiering on the Spike Video Game Awards last year the game has been somewhat light on the media front and what has been shown to the public has left many with a lukewarm reaction thus far.

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