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First Set Pics From Need For Speed: The Movie

Out of all the properties that Electronic Arts has, none other than Need for Speed was the first one to successfully make the leap to Hollywood.  After failing to get projects off the ground such as a film adaptation of Dead Space, EA was able to sell the film right for NFS to DreamWorks and now filming is finally underway.

Need For Speed Movie Gains A Veteran Actor

The Need For Speed movie has gained yet another talented actor who may be familiar to those reared on superhero movies.  The Hollywood Reporter reports that veteran actor Michael Keaton will be joining the NFS in a sizeable supporting role - one that as of now doesn’t appear to be rooted in villainous origins.

Need For Speed Movie Gains Four New Actors + Basic Plot Summary Released

This may seem odd but we’re fast approaching a shocking occurrence: a film based upon a video game is actually going to enter production as scheduled.  As some of you may recall,  Electronic Arts successfully sold the film rights for Need For Speed to DreamWorks and now the film is actually set to enter production without any delays, last minute cancellations, or other such horror stories that have plagued projects in the past.

Need For Speed Movie Gains Another Incredible Actor

With two cast members already aboard the film adaptation of Need For Speed, including the amazing Aaron Paul, the project has entailed the services of yet another stellar actor.  Joining the theatrical debut of the NFS series is British actor Dominic Cooper.  Best known for portraying Howard Stark in Captain America: The First Avenger, Cooper will play one of the main protagonists within the film - an update which finally gives us our first details on the plot.

Need For Speed Movie Secures Leading Lady

Development on the live-action Need For Speed movie seems to be actually progressing instead of stalling and dying a slow death over the course of several years. After acquiring the talents of Emmy winner Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) to portray the lead in the movie, yet another casting decision has been made and this time it pertains to the all important role of the female lead i.e. the potential love interest and key eye candy for adolescent male viewers.

Need For Speed Movie Acquires Breaking Bad Actor As Leading Man

When it was announced that Electronic Arts was shopping around a film adaptation of their Need for Speed franchise I think most gamers and movie fans couldn’t have cared less about the project.

The Need For Speed Film Gets Picked Up By A Hollywood Studio + Director News

This news may fall into either the good or bad news category depending on where your feelings lie about film adaptations of video games.  Last month word surfaced that Electronic Arts had decided to shop around a film adaptation of their long running Need For Speed franchise, which all together seemed like an odd thing to do considering the more cinematic properties the company has such as Army of Two.

A major Hollywood studio is trying to resurrect the Halo film

Movies based on video games usually tend to be a horrible thing but a good portion of gamers have wanted one thing: a Halo movie.  At one point a film based on Halo was literally ready to go with director Neill Blomkamp (District 9) set to make his feature film debut.  But then some last minute red tape between Fox and Universal (the co-distributors/financers of the film) snagged production up and everyone was sent home.

Michael Bay tells us when we can see his next attempt at ruining the Transformers

After giving us an ok action movie and following that up with probably one of the biggest pieces of trash to ever hit theaters with a massive budget Michael Bay and co. are ready to go at it again with Transformers 3.

Hollywood shifts their focus to the gamers and not the games for their next film

By now most of us are used to Hollywood adapting hit videogames and the results being quite horrid.  Aside from Mortal Kombat and Silent Hill we really haven’t had any movies that properly captured the essence of its virtual counterpart or helped expand upon the existing mythology or themes from the game.

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