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Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden Announced

While we're still waiting on the launch of the next Dragon Ball fighter (Dragon Ball Xenoverse, launching TOMORROW), today sees the announcement (and first images) of a NEW Dragon Ball fighter.

Now You Can Create Your Very Own Saiyan Warrior Thanks To Dragon Ball: Ultimate Tenkaichi

New episodes of Dragon Ball haven’t aired on TV in years and Dragon Ball: Evolution was a massive dud but for some reason we’re still receiving video games.  Coming to us next month will likely be the last Dragon Ball game so Dragon Ball: Ultimate Tenkaichi has its work cut out for itself among the legions of DB fans who want to see a worth wild video game actually be released for once.

Still Haven't Had Enough Of Dragon Ball Games? Well Here's Another One For You...

Most gamers do love to engage in battles that involve guys with green skin who just so happen to have antennas or against foes with spiky hair that puts to shame what we see out of the Final Fantasy franchise.  For over twenty years the Dragon Ball franchise has had a place in gaming and we’ve seen games ranging from side-scrolling fighters, MMO based adventure games and the standard 1 vs.

Dragon Ball Returns To The Nintendo DS In Ultimate Butoden

We’re never in short supply when it comes to games based on the Dragon Ball franchise.  The thing is that often we don’t get the good games, whether it was back in the day for the Gameboy or now with the new Dragon Ball arcade game or the recently released Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butoden for the Nintendo DS.  Unless you’re a hardcore DB fan that follows everything DB related (and has a pair of DB pajamas) then you may not have known a single thing about Ultimate Butoden and I woul

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