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Images Of Cancelled Justice League Game Surface

The video game industry usually has a few major casualties of war in the form of projects that for one reason or another are cancelled. Sometimes budget reasons can be the cause for a project being binned while other times it’s simply because the development studio has issues and the publisher becomes less than confident in the product.  There are likely dozens of cancelled games we know absolutely nothing about but some of the more notable ones we are privy to oddly enough are superhero games.

Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters Gameplay Trailer Shows Promise

Chances are that this new footage from the Green Lantern game won’t immediately impress anyone.  I’m actually surprised that the game looks as solid as it does, at least compared to the upcoming Thor game, but we are know that video games based on movies = crap.  But maybe the power of the Green Lantern Corp. will be powerful enough to construct a decent video game for fans of lantern wielding superhero to enjoy.

WB Interactive announces the Green Lantern game

With the San Diego Comic Con going on right now there’s plenty of awesome news going around.  Stuff like Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and TRON: Legacy has been major show highlights since they’re so damn awesome.  Well not everything announced at or in conjunction with SDCC 2010 can be awesome and that’s clear with Warner Brothers Interactive announcement of the Green Lantern game.

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