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Double Fine

Broken Age: Episode One [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

As a lifelong fan of both point and click adventures, and Tim Schafer, I had some pretty high expectations for Broken Age; probably too high. I went into my first playthrough expecting to be at least a little bit disappointed based on my unreasonable expectations, but it never happened. Double Fine has crafted an amazing experience that feels so close to the games I remember playing growing up, while still feeling like it belongs in the modern gaming world. The writing is brilliantly witty, a little dark, and in ways I can’t explain without going into spoilers, very clever. It’s not going to win over gamers who want non-stop action, and explosions (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but I can’t recommend this game enough to anyone who is looking for a good story, and some laughs.

The Pros: 

+ Stylistic art makes every scene a joy to look at.
+ Witty writing creates some real laugh out loud moments.
+ A fantastic cast of voice actors brings every character to life.

The Cons: 

- Some visual glitches litter the game. Rating : 

Since Double Fine launched their Kickstarter campaign back in February of 2012, Broken Age, Previously known as Double Fine Adventure, has had a fair amount of hype surrounding it. Being one of the largest Kickstarter campaigns ever, and the highest funded Kickstarter game at the time, Broken Age had a lot to live up to. Though the game has been split up into two episodes with only the first being available right now, signs are good that we are not being let down.

TL;DR - Mar 13 - DFA Final Tally, Sonic 4: Ep 3, XBL Outage

It looks like tonight I’m doing a super-late edition of our evening meet-up friends. But don’t you fear, a new TL;DR is here! Also, that rhymed, so I should get bonus points. In today’s TL;DR I recap a couple of things that broke my little fan boy heart: Sonic 4 is apparently not getting a third episode, and Xbox Live was killing achievements through-out the day. The good news? Mr. Schafer has wrapped up his quest to fund a new adventure game with a cool 3.3 million.

Double Fine Reveals Trenched, Their Latest Action Packed Game

Most of the time we’re used to seeing a developer crank out titles that are similar to one another, if not completely the same.  It’s understandable for a developer to stick to something they know or that is safe, but for some developers that’s just not their M.O.  Take for example Double Fine Productions, the studio best known for giving us the trippy experience that was Pyschonauts.  After giving us a platformer game, Double Fine went on to do an open-world/heavy metal/RTS/action game in the form of Brutal Legend and has since gone on to do small RPG and puzzle/adventure ga

Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster Premier Trailer Surprisingly Looks Good

When it was announced that the maker of such fine and entertaining games such as Brutal Legend and Stacking was working on a game based on Sesame Street, the general reaction was a mixture of sheer puzzlement combined with pure adulation.  Double Fine certainly wouldn’t be doing a project they didn’t fully believe in, no they haven’t sold out, so there was some excitement for Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster, more so because it’s a game for the Microsoft Kinect.

Psychonauts Developer Double Fine Is Making a Sesame Street Game For...

Out of the vast array of developers out there, Double Fine has been known to provide innovative titles that are at times the definition of a love driven indie project.  Having given us the cult hit Psychonauts, the funny but not quite there Brutal Legend and most recently the short but sweet experiences found in Costume Quest and Stacking, Double Fine has announced their latest project: a Sesame Street game.

PlayStation Plus Subscirbers Get THQ's Stacking For Free!

I don’t feel bad saying that I’m a huge PlayStation fan.  I think at this point most of you out there know where my console allegiance/preference resides, but I’ve always been a fan of the PlayStation brand since I got my PS1 back in 1997.  With that being said, I didn’t immediately jump at the chance to become a PlayStation Plus subscriber when the service launched last Summer. As much as I like to back Sony’s endeavors, I was a bit wary of spending $50 a year on something only to have games and other items selected for me, some of which I already owned.

Take a look at the Halloween adventures of Costume Quest [Video]

Announced earlier this month, THQ has released the first trailer for Double Fine’s upcoming game Costume Quest.  The game, which is Double Fine’s first game to hit the PSN/XBLA, has gamers assuming the roles of several children on Halloween.  Costume Quest of course isn’t a boring trick or treat simulator or mini-game collection as gamers will take on a group of recently unleashed monsters that are causing havoc in a once quaint suburban town.

Prepare for battle on Halloween in Costume Quest

Last month Double Fine founder Tim Schafer revealed that the studio was currently developing a series of digitally distributed titles with various unannounced publishers.  After giving us Brutal Legend last year, many folks were interested to see what Double Fine would do next, especially within the confines of a game released via digital distribution.  But now we have another surprise from publisher THQ as the studio has announced a partnership with Double Fine to release two new games,

Double Fine (Brutal Legend) now working on multiple games

Those who love the unique art and humor of developer Double Fine should be pleased to hear that the studio has four new games in production. Announced by Double Fine founder Tim Schafer at the Develop conference in England, the games will be a mixture of download and retail releases.

[Review] Brutal Legend isn’t quite the legendary game some had hoped it would be

Overall Feeling: 

Brutal Legend is the very definition of a mixed bag. The game has a story which has a perfect amount of humor and heart that takes some nice shots at the past and present of rock music. But the various game mechanics the game gives the player just aren’t as refined and fun as they could be which makes Brutal Legend a game that is more fun to watch someone else play or to simply watch the cutscenes on YouTube.

The Pros: 

The story is really enjoyable despite the few issues it has. Jack Black and the other voice actors and accompanying rock legends all turn in excellent performances where the core of the character is front and center and not celeb doing the voice. Simply amazing art design that makes this insane rock infused world believable and more importantly entertaining to explore. Awesome rock soundtrack with tons of legendary bands.

The Cons: 

Game just isn’t that fun to play. Regular combat is okay but not that deep and the RTS sections drag on a bit due to their length and lack of intense action and core mechanics that may be too much to handle for some people. The story while fun feels like it's missing a good chunk of content that would've fleshed a lot of things out. The game lacks longevity due to a story mode that can be completed in around five hours and secondary missions which aren't that compelling. Rating : 

When it comes to music and concerts in particular the most unsung heroes are the roadies.  Despite the bands performance and what sort of show they put on none of that would be possible without the hard work roadies put into the show. Whether it’s through tuning the instruments or erecting the massive stage that the musicians perform on, roadies are the true backbone of the band and concert. Perhaps the best roadie in the business is Eddie Riggs.

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