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BE3: The Bethesda Show

Oh, Bethesda. My faith in you is well-placed.

If you were able to catch the conference last night then you were probably as slippery and wet from salivating as I was. We weren't given a slew of games to look forward to over the next year like with other conferences, but we were given less a buffet and more tapas: smaller morsels, but oh god they're so delicious. Maybe I should stop talking while I'm waiting for dinner.

Behold! The Man-Child!

Dear God, I'm 30 years old. One week away from 31. My father was raising 4 kids by this age! Me? I'm raising freakin' Pokemon.

Is this a personality flaw of mine? I mean, a lot of my peers appear to be in similar situations, so maybe this could just be a generational thing. What could possibly have made such a big difference between last generation and this one? My guess: video games.

The Doom 4 Mega Leak Continues With Even More Screens

Yesterday we received the rather unexpected reveal for Doom 4, albeit of the unofficial variety. Long in development within the Texas based lair of id Software, Doom 4 is a game that still had a nice amount of buzz for it but some of that faded based on leaked screenshots that were a bit meh across the board.

Universal Looking To Relaunch The Doom Movie Franchise

For some reason the film industry in Hollywood likes to do two things: either run franchises into the ground or do things that are simply unnecessary.  Yeah, we can certainly get some quality films out of Hollywood every now and then like The Matrix or District-9, but on the flipside we get trash like Drive Angry 3D.  Sadly despite the results in the past, Hollywood is still entrenched in its love affair with video games, which is why we could see the Doom franchise be resurrected, much against our wishes.

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