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Doctor Who

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock Premier Trailer Has Some Surprises But Looks Good

We’ve waited patiently for a Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock premier trailer and now such a thing has finally been released with some major surprises.  Up until now much wasn’t known about The Eternity Clock other than that the UK based Supermassive Games were developing it and it was supposed to be a full-on cinematic Doctor Who game as opposed to the Wii and 3DS based abominations we previously saw.

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock Is Time Lord Approved In These New Screens

The nearly fifty year old universe of Doctor Who is prime for a proper video game and after years of waiting for such a thing we’re finally on the cusp of receiving a Doctor Who game that could fulfill all our desires.  BBC Interactive may have already announced Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock for the PS3, PS Vita, and PC but one thing they didn’t reveal at the time was what the game would look like.

Doctor Who Goes The Free-To-Play Route In Doctor Who: Worlds in Time

Most gamers may be patiently waiting for Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock, but in the meantime we have another Time Lord tale to occupy our time.  BBC Digital Entertainment has just launched the browser based Doctor Who: Worlds in Time, a free-to-play multiplayer game set in the Doctor Who universe.  

BBC Unveil New Doctor Who Game Set To Appear On PS3/PS Vita

Doctor Who fans may have received the best surprise of the year concerning the good Doctor as the BBC have announced that the Doctor and friends will be appearing in a new game bound for the PS3, PlayStation Vita, and PC. Perhaps the big surprise the BBC was planning to announce in advance of the new Doctor Who Christmas special, the Doctor will be making yet another video game appearance that I hope will be a bit better than what we received before.

Doctor Who Is Coming Back To The World Video Games Once More

The BBC has announced their latest video game plans for Doctor Who and once again our favorite Time Lord will be going on a journey entirely new to him.  With a series of adventure based titles for the PC and some horrific Wii and Nintendo DS games under his belt, Doctor Who will be venturing into widely populated genre that is the MMO genre in Doctor Who: Worlds in Time.

The video game adventures of Doctor Who continue next year

Doctor Who fans who are a bit peeved at the upcoming Wii exclusive Who game should take solace to know that the BBC has commissioned a second series of the PC based Doctor Who: The Adventure Games.  The first season of Doctor Who’s foray into the world of gaming were released earlier this year and have garnered praise thus far as evident by the 1.6 million downloads the games gathered.

Doctor Who gaming accessories look awesome (yes, they're really geeky)

The BBC seems quite serious about having Doctor Who make an impact in the world of video games. We’ve already gotten the downloadable Doctor Who adventure games for the PC along with having Wii and DS games on deck for next month.  But now the BBC is expanding the Doctor Who video game license a bit with these new accessories for the Wii and Nintendo DS.

BBC and Koch Media announce new Doctor Who games

At the start of the year the BBC made their intentions known of wanting a Doctor Who video game to hit the major consoles.  A few months later reports sprung that the BBC had settled on a Doctor Who game set for the Wii and DS, with an unannounced developer handling the titles. Now, the BBC has released some minor new details on Doctor Who’s first proper trip to the world of gaming.

The Daleks are back in Doctor Who: The Adventure Games [Video]

Over the years the one constant adversary of Doctor Who has been the iconic Daleks. Things like having their home world destroyed and then getting obliterated after two major resurrections aren’t big deals for the Daleks. Somehow just like all things in life the Daleks find a way to survive.

BBC announces Doctor Who: The Adventure Games

The famous British sci-fi show Doctor Who is finally making its video game debut with Doctor Who: The Adventure Games. The project doesn’t exactly have the best subtitle, but it's Doctor Who so it’s bound to be awesome right?

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