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Details on Split/Second's Survival Mode [Video]

Watching this new trailer for Split/Second really shows me that developer Black Rock Studios knows how to craft a Hollywood style action racing game.  We’ve seen the many explosions the game and offers and by now some of you may’ve experienced it for yourself firsthand.

Split/Second shows how explosions should be done [Video]

By now you may have gotten your hands on Split/Second thanks to the Xbox 360 demo that dropped yesterday.  So far the general reaction from many is that the game achieved the thrilling racing experience it set out for.

First footage of Toy Story 3: The Video Game

Back when Toy Story 3: The Video Game was announced in February I was cautiously optimistic. Even though I’m by no means a fan of the Toy Story franchise I was intrigued by what the game promised.  With a mode dubbed “Toy Box” that allows users to create their own scenarios my interest was definitely piqued. But as we all know video game movie tie-ins usually stink so I wasn’t expecting much out of TS3.

Split/Second demo available now on Xbox Live

So far everyone has been teased of the vehicular mayhem that can occur in Split/Second.  With a solid foundation, the hype for the game has been steadily rising with each new video and screen that’s been released.

An inside look at the Power Plays of Split/Second [Video]


By now it’s pretty obvious that the dominant mechanic in Split/Second is blowing stuff up. But in the world of Split/Second blowing stuff up is called a “Power Play” instead of a “holy sh!t” moment.  

Disney Interactive has just released a new trailer for Split/Second detailing the Power Plays and the work that dev Black Rock Studios put into them.  Ever since Split/Second was shown the Power Plays have been the key hook of the game and they continue to impress.  

More explosions and crashes in this new Split/Second trailer

Last week I was lucky enough to get some hands-on time with Split/Second. Having kept a close eye on the arcade racer for the past few months, it was rather exciting to experience the fast vehicular mayhem first-hand.  I walked away from the demo generally pleased though I’m still not certain about Split/Second’s longevity.

[PAX East] Hands-on with Split/Second

Since it was unveiled last year there has been a decent amount of interest in Disney’s upcoming arcade racer Split/Second.  Combining the slick style and arcade sensibilities of Burnout with a more action flavor, what’s not to like about the game?  But while I was pleased with my hands-on time with Split/Second at PAX East I was slightly worried about the longevity of the game.

A double whammy of new screens and videos for Split/Second

Disney Interactive’s arcade racing game Split/Second is one of the many games at GDC this week and in typical fashion new goodness is being shown off.  Aside from releasing screens of a new industrial district/downtown stage, the developers at Black Rock were also nice to enough to show the new stage in action.

Disney Interactive announces the mystery party game Guilty Party

Is it me or are mystery games making a comeback of sorts?  Games like Hotel Dusk, Professor Layton and Blue Toad Murder Files are just a few recent games that have featured a mystery plot and accompanying gameplay.  It seems like Disney Interactive is jumping in on the mystery game bandwagon with the just announced Wii game Guilty Party.

Split/Second gets dated for North America and Europe

When it comes to racing games I really don’t enjoy the sim offerings of Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport that much. Instead I’m more of a lead foot racing gamer who enjoys going as fast as I possibly can before I crash in a glorious wreck or massive fireball. So with my adrenaline racing tendencies it joys me greatly to hear that Disney Interactive has announced a release date for their arcade racer Split/Second.

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