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Fantasia: Music Evolved [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Fantasia: Music Evolved maintains the core-concept of the original musical-animation by providing an introduction to the concepts of orchestral music through stunning visuals, but adapts it for the modern generation by including you in the story. However the technical issues of the game hold it back from being a truly emersive experience, or competitive for the older audiences.

The Pros: 

+Fantasic Concept
+Awesome Character Design
+Intuitive Menu Navigation
+Great Creative Outlet for Childern

The Cons: 

-Technical Issues Where the Kinect Can't Keep Up
-A Lot of the Remixes are far Worse Then the Original Songs Themselves. Rating : 

Years ago, I was visiting a friend’s house, just hanging out and playing video games… typical Friday night stuff for nerds like us. He pulled out a game called Amplitude, which at the time I had never even heard of. We booted it up, the premise and controls were explained and then we were off and running. I instantly fell in love with the concept, got my own copy and then eventually its successor Frequency. Ever since that first game I’ve been absolutely in love with Harmonix and their ideas on game design.

Lego Pirates of Caribbean: The Video Game Trailer Debuts Along With First Screens

If you are like me then one of your favorite guilty pleasures in video gaming is enjoying the casual and fun gaming experience that Traveller's Tales Lego series has brought to your favorite console.

Set to sail this May, Traveller's Tales will bring Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game to a shore near you and today unveiled the debut trailer along with the first batch of screen shots for your viewing pleasure.

New Split/Second videos are an action movie fans dream come true

Looking at these new gameplay videos for Split/Second I almost feel like I should be eating a bag of popcorn and drinking a big 40oz. soda instead of actually playing the game when it’s released in May. Seriously, the game looks like an action movie fans dream come true and it may be a bit hard to actually pay attention to the race at hand instead of staring in awe at the explosion you just caused.

Lots of vrooms and booms in this new Split/Second trailer

Split/Second looks to redefine the arcade racing genre and so far developer Black Rock Studios is doing a good job. There aren't many games on the market that allow you to blow up a massive ship, crash an airplane and cause other general yet glorious mayhem in order to screw with opposing racers.

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