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Disney and Sega Announce Castle of Illusion Remake

Disney continues to show their flexibility when it comes to their video game licenses, at least those that don’t feature Stormtroopers or Bounty Hunters, since Sega has announced an HD remake of the Sega Genesis classic Castle of Illusion.  One of the many games that the 25 year-old+ generation of gamers was reared on, Castle of Illusion will be comng into our homes once again on the PSN, XBLA, and PC.

Disney Infinity Trailer Shows Toy Box Creations, Wreck-It Ralph, and More

Disney may have absolutely no plans to push the Star Wars video game franchise in the way we want, yet the company is still giving it a shot when it comes to all things that fall under the magical kingdom.  Earlier this year we saw Disney enter the video game arena once more with perhaps their most ambitious effort: Disney Infinity.

An Era Is Over: LucasArts Is Officially Closed

Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm and the Star Wars empire has now claimed its second victim: that of LucasArts. After shuttering production on the popular Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon, Disney has announced that they will be closing as an internal development studio LucasArts effective immediately.

Disney Epic Mickey: The Power Of Two Arriving On PS Vita. Why Is This Happening?

Likely ending up to be the most befuddling announcement made this year, barring of course we get another $599 moment from Sony, Disney has revealed that Epic Mickey is once again returning. 

Star Wars 1313 Reportedly On Hold [Rumor]

Even though it’s one of the most recognizable and popular franchises in the world, Star Wars simply can’t catch a break when it comes to the world of video games.  After starting out strong in the mid 1990s, the Star Wars franchise has slowly declined in recent years through a derth of interesting releases. Now there's another disturbance in the Force which could result in yet another Star Wars being cancelled.

Disney Unveils The Imagination Driven Experience Of Disney Infinity

Today is one of the rare times I wish I could visit the offices of Activision brass as I’m sure the company is in a conniption fit over the reveal made by Disney today.  No, Disney didn’t go on yet another massive purchase spree along the lines of gobbling up Marvel and LucasFilm, but the house Mickey Mouse built did reveal a new game that essentially takes the Skylanders formula to the next level; hence Bobby Kotick is probably in full-on evil Sith Lord mode.

Disney Epic Mickey: The Power Of Two Hands-On [E3 2012]

When a sequel comes along the usual sentiments or desires from gamers is that they want a bigger and better experience with a host of new features and refinements. Most of the time we receive sequels that fulfill such a thing and once in a blue moon we get a sequel that is so bad that we immediately lose all faith in such a way that it can never be restored.  

Disney Epic Mickey 2 Premier Trailer Is Bright, Cheery, And Rather Samey [Updated With Gameplay Footage]

Gamers may have a moment of déjà vu upon watching the first trailer for Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two as it looks like a 1:1 match of the first Epic Mickey.  While the game was officially announced earlier this week a great many of us already knew about the game thanks to a leaked online survey which basically outlined the entire game.  Even with game details known in a considerable fashion, a big factor that remained about Epic Mickey 2 was how the game would look on the HD platforms seeing as this is the first game Junction Point has developed for those platforms.

Disney Announces Epic Mickey 2, Features Co-Op Play And Is Coming To HD Systems

Disney Interactive is having another go at creating a massive triple A game as they’ve officially announced Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. Long rumored post the release of Epic Mickey and then unofficially revealed through a Disney Interactive survey, Junction Point Interactive’s Warren Spector has revealed the first details of the game which may prove to be surprising even for those who heard the previous rumors.

Disney Interactive Goes Through A Rather Substantial Restructuring

We haven’t heard of any major news from Disney Interactive for a rather substantial period of time but out of nowhere a rather major thing has transpired.  Despite the focus shifting Disney Interactive may have done which sadly resulted in hundreds of folks having no jobs and whole studios being closed, the core brain trust of the company remained intact – for better or worse.

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