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Disney Epic Mickey

Disney Epic Mickey: The Power Of Two Arriving On PS Vita. Why Is This Happening?

Likely ending up to be the most befuddling announcement made this year, barring of course we get another $599 moment from Sony, Disney has revealed that Epic Mickey is once again returning. 

Disney Epic Mickey 2 Premier Trailer Is Bright, Cheery, And Rather Samey [Updated With Gameplay Footage]

Gamers may have a moment of déjà vu upon watching the first trailer for Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two as it looks like a 1:1 match of the first Epic Mickey.  While the game was officially announced earlier this week a great many of us already knew about the game thanks to a leaked online survey which basically outlined the entire game.  Even with game details known in a considerable fashion, a big factor that remained about Epic Mickey 2 was how the game would look on the HD platforms seeing as this is the first game Junction Point has developed for those platforms.

Epic Mickey 2 Revealed By Accident, Has A Few Surprises In Store

This may be a case of either good news or bad news for some gamers, but Disney has accidently revealed that Epic Mickey 2 is indeed a reality instead of being a mere figment of our imagination.  While we still haven’t received official word from Disney Interactive pertaining to Epic Mickey 2, someone at Disney HQ accidentally sent a newsletter message confirming as much – complete with game details and when we can expect it.

Disney Hiring For A New RPG Project. Is Epic Mickey 2 Really Happening?

Out of all the stuff that occurred in the world of video games last year, the drama involving Disney Interactive was by far the most interesting – or at least it was to me.  After gobbling up developers and releasing games that were catered to core gamers who enjoyed triple-A games, Disney Interactive effectively cleared out house in the last few months of 2010.  The new Pirates of the Caribbean game that Disney’s Propaganda Games was developing looked good but it was ultimately cancelled and Propaganda was closed after TRON: Evolution hit the market.  But what was even more

An Epic Mickey spin-off was being prepped for the Nintendo 3DS

Disney Interactive took a gamble of sorts with Disney Epic Mickey for the Wii and based on the news of late it looks like the gamble may not have paid off.  So far Disney Epic Mickey has performed admirable at retail but the game hasn’t gone on to become the multi-million unit seller Disney had hoped it would be so in the eyes of a corporation the game could be viewed as a disappointment.  Besides being a game, Disney Epic Mickey was also meant to relaunch Mickey Mouse to a new audience and possibly spin-off into new movies and other merchandise – all of which is TBA at this point

The axing continues: layoffs issued at Junction Point Studios

Looking at the amount of developers that have either received massive layoffs or been closed entirely is like seeing Genghis Kahn lay waste to his foes in Asia and across the world.

New job postings for Junction Point Studios possibly hint to something that isn't Epic Mickey related

With the release of Disney Epic Mickey developer Junction Point Studios now finds themselves in a bit of a tricky spot.  After being hyped up for an incredible amount of time, Disney Epic Mickey somewhat under delivered as it had good production values but just felt a bit too ho-hum in the gameplay department which we all know is where it counts the most.

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