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An Era Is Over: LucasArts Is Officially Closed

Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm and the Star Wars empire has now claimed its second victim: that of LucasArts. After shuttering production on the popular Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon, Disney has announced that they will be closing as an internal development studio LucasArts effective immediately.

Wreck-It Ralph Is Front and Center In These New Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Screens

Potentially stirring up debates of marketing pushed too heavily within a game, Sega has released some new screens showcasing the appearance Wreck-It Ralph, the main character of the upcoming Disney CG film of the same name, in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.  Announced rather subtly earlier this Summer via a Sega blog post, Sega has released brand new screens showing Ralph and classic Sega characters in some rather intense yet colorful kart racing action.

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Is Finally Dated For North America

Gamers in Japan may already be enjoying the slightly confusing narrative and fun gameplay that Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance provides, but thankfully gamers in North America won’t have to wait too long for the game.  Today Square Enix has announced that the Nintendo 3DS debut of the Kingdom Hearts franchise will be released in North America on July 31st. 

El Shaddai Returns With A Mysterious Project

One of the most underrated games of 2011 may be receiving a follow-up of some kind as a new El Shaddai project is in the works.  The game which saw an angelic warrior take on the forces of evil in a game that was less than conventional didn’t become one of the bigger hits of 2011, but it did start up a cult following who appreciated the rather unorthodox art style and presentation the game offered.  El Shaddai may have seemed like a game that could’ve stood on its own, but out of nowhere Ignition has announced a new El Shaddai project.

CG Pac-Man Cartoon Gets Greenlit, Headed To Disney

Pac-Man may not be so popular these days that he has songs written about him or has his own brand of cereal, but the iconic video game character is going to receive a brand new cartoon.  Today Disney announced that they picked up Pac-Man: The Adventure Begins, a new CG Pac-Man cartoon that takes the character on a series of adventures with new characters – all of whom have a slightly creepy appearance.

TRON: Legacy Is Fully Revealed In Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

Right now I’m an extremely envious and slightly mad gamer but at the same time my inner geek is going nuts.  Last December it was revealed that TRON: Legacy would be included as one of the new worlds in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, the new KH spin-off game scheduled to appear on the Nintendo DS.  Out of the new worlds Square Enix and Disney are adding in Kingdom Hearts 3D, the TRON world by far held the most excitement amongst Kingdom Hearts gamers and those who simply love TRON since as most of us know TRON = goodness of the coolest kind.

The World Of TRON Returns To Kingdom Hearts

Despite being a Kingdom Hearts fan I haven’t been paying too much to Kingdom Hearts 3D. With my current portable action destined to be on the PlayStation Vita fulltime I had kind of pushed KH3D aside partly because it seemed to be a bit of a rehash and because the KH series has gotten somewhat nonsensical as of late. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the general concept of Kingdom Hearts but the series has somewhat become too big for its own good and honestly, I think most gamers just want a legit version of Kingdom Hearts 3 instead of prequels. 

Disney Rumored To Buy Out UTV

Since it’s often incredibly easy to buy companies that are in the process of failing, rumor has it that Disney will purchase UTV, the parent company of video game publisher/developer Ignition games.

Will A New Disney Video Game Movie End Up Being Good?

We know that Hollywood is infatuated with the world of video games. Beyond tailoring some of their films to certain video game sensibilities (I’m surprised we haven’t seen a Modern Warfare like film pop up yet), major film studios also love to adapt the games we love and subsequently ruin them.  In the past few years we may not have seen a wide amount of video game based films actually hit theaters as a few big projects like Bioshock and Kane & Lynch have been snagged up in creative drama.

TRON: Legacy [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

TRON: Legacy may be a film that doesn’t offer an immense amount of character or cutting edge story elements, but as a whole the film is one of the most entertaining things I’ve seen this year and it’s a complete orgy to the eyes from a visual perspective. The film may not have that same amount of computer references as the original film had, but this is still a TRON movie despite all the changes that have been made. With action that is perfectly directed and entertaining to watch, a nice cast that brings some depth and likeability to their characters and a plot that offers more than a simple tale of a guy being stuck inside a computer, TRON: Legacy has lived up to the hype and will surely please the fans of the franchise.

The Pros: 

Director Joe Kosinski has created a world that perfectly encapsulates the core sensibilities of the old TRON while taking it to the next level. Visually, the movie is an absolute gem as the special effects are stellar and the design of the world is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde and of course Jeff Bridges all turn in really good performances that help to establish a connection to the audience – or at least to me. Daft Punk’s score is a nice combination of buttery beats and orchestral arrangements that soothe the soul. There are a ton of callbacks to the original TRON including a potential set-up to a TRON: Legacy sequel.

The Cons: 

Not enough scenes with TRON. While he may have a strong presence in the film, I would've liked to see more of Clu in action. The lack of obvious tech lingo being thrown around may disappoint the hardcore fans of the franchise. Rating : 

Upon first seeing TRON as a kid in 1993 I really didn’t know what to expect from the film. Having missed out on the first few minutes but still knowing the basic jest of the plot (dude gets sucked into a computer world), my young mind was trying to process what was going on along with figuring out if the film was as dire as some had made it out to be.  Even at a young age, I knew that TRON had a reputation for being “silly” or “bombing” at the box office, but being a geek I felt compelled to watch it.

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