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Digital Extremes

Star Trek: The Video Game Gets Release Date (No, There Aren't Any Khan/Gary Mitchell Teases)

Last week sci-fi fans were chattering about one thing they were waiting months for: the first trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness, the follow-up to the franchise reboot helmed by J.J Abrams.  Say what you will about the finer points of the massive restart button that was pressed on the Trek franchise, but as an action pop-corn flick it gave us the goods thus a sequel was prepped. 

The Sci-Fi F2P Game Warframe Returns With A New Gameplay Teaser [Video]

Announcing a game can always be a tricky thing since a publisher/developer may not want to completely show their hand.  Sometimes it’s best to leave something up to the imagination of the audience to turn on the chatterboxes and get people hyped. The reveal of Warframe from developer Digital Extremes ended up having a lot of people talk about it despite only releasing a simple teaser video to the masses.  

The F2P Genre Gets Some Sci-Fi Originality With Warframe

Most gamers aren’t too pleased with the direction of most games today as they seem too derivative and follow a direct formula that may please a portion of gamers while the rest are shaking their head in disgust.  It’s understandable why we don't see more original games since it’s hard for a studio or publisher to get the funding required to do a crazy concept that would actually please a decent number of people but not the massive amount that would amount to a “blockbuster” level success.

New Star Trek Trailer Has A Ton Of Intense Phaser Pew-Pewing

We could be on the cusp of something special in the video game industry: a game based on a movie franchise may not be total trash.  I know that such a statement may indeed be shocking to hear, but based on this latest trailer for Star Trek: The Video Game I think Trekkies and video game fans alike may have just cause to be excited.

The Darkness II Gets A Gore Filled Co-Op Mode

Due to coming out during the extremely crowded month that is February, I had assumed there would be the chance that The Darkness II wouldn’t really capture an audience. That’s not to say the game doesn’t look good, I played it at PAX Prime and had a good time, but compared to other key releases like the Devil May Cry HD Trilogy, SSX, and the PlayStation Vita there was the chance that The Darkness II wouldn’t get any love simply due to the limited funds of gamers and not exactly being a key marque franchise.

The Star Trek Franchise Is Travelling To The Video Game Universe Once Again

The Star Trek franchise may be one of the biggest things in the world of entertainment and sci-fi, but when transported to the densely populated video game universe the franchise just hasn’t fared that well.  In some respects it should be relatively easy to create a Star Trek game since there are a bazillion different characters to utilize and even opportunities for one-off scenarios via the Mirror Universe (the alt Star Trek universe where everyone is evil and has goatees).  There have been a few memorable Star Trek games such as

New Trailer For The Darkness II Reveals A Key Cast Change

When 2K Games announced that after a long absence the sequel to The Darkness was going to finally be released this year, I couldn’t be happier.  The first Darkness game is a bit of an underrated gem in my eyes and the premise of the game has incredible potential to amazing, not just in the scope of the narrative itself but the gameplay opportunities it offers.  We’ve heard some good things about The Darkness II so far and despite the shift in visual styles to one that’s slightly reminiscent of the cell-shaded cartoon look of Borderlands, hardcore fans of the series were still exci

2K Games Finally Unveils The Darkness II

I honestly thought the project had either fallen into a sea of oblivion or was merely canceled, but today 2K Games has finally announced the much awaited sequel to their 2007 fps game The Darkness. Coming this Fall to the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, The Darkness II will once again cast players into a gritty and violent fps experience as Jackie Estacado, the protagonist from the first game who just so happens to wield the demonic entity that is The Darkness.

THQ Provides the Details on Homefront for the PC

Homefront is a game that’s kind of pushed itself out of the spotlight. Back at E3 it was on the floor, but only being shown to select people and only in small groups. Since then we’ve gotten a few screenshots and videos here and there, but not a whole lot of detail about the game itself. THQ, in a massive press release, lifted the veil on the features and requirements (for the PC) today. The tip of the iceberg for the notes being: Steam connectivity (and sale), 3D support and details on the Multiplayer. 

Newest Homefront video shows you what you're fighting for

THQ’s new fps game Homefront may look like a common modern based fps game, but it is trying to be different in how its story is told, what sort of scenarios the player is put in and what sort of feelings are had when forced to go head on into battle.  So far Homefront looks like it could be a surprise hit if developer Kaos pulls through in the end, which seems to be the case in this new developer video.

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