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Battlefield Hardline Launch Trailer Arrives

Counting down to the release of the next Battlefield title, Hardline? Well, to tide you over EA has released the official launch trailer today. The video features "I'm So Sorry" by Imagine Dragons, who apparently have just taken over the gaming world now thanks to their partnerships with EA and Riot Games...

Battlefield Hardline is set to release in just over a week's time, on March 17th, and will be available for virtually everything spanning across previous and current generation consoles as well as PC (Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4).

Battlefield 4 Debut Footage Shows Shooting, Explosions, and Forced Drama [Video]

As expected, EA went on to announce Battlefield 4 in a grand fashion last night to live up to the popularity the series has gained for the past decade or so.  The existence of a new Battlefield game isn’t too much of a shocker considering we’ve known about it since BF3 was released and it has been incessantly teased for the last week or so. 

So other than not knowing how far DICE was aiming to push the visual bar and up the action, it was business as usual for the Battlefield franchise and that’s apparent in this rather dull gameplay footage.

Battlefield: Bad Company TV Series In Development, Produced By Sony TV

Since the release of Battlefield 3 both EA and DICE have kept quiet as to whether Bad Company, the other Battlefield game, would ever receive a third entry.  Not on the same level as the mega success received from the core Battlefield series, Bad Company proved to be a nice spin-off that didn’t take itself too seriously yet at the same time provided the action gamers expect from the franchise.

Battlefield 3's DLC Plans Detailed [GDC 2012]

During last night’s EA/Frostbyte showcase, new information was provided regarding the future of Battlefield 3. Surprising no one, EA will be providing a series of DLC packs to expand on the game. The interesting part of the reveal was that the DLC that was announced (three packs in total) are themed. The first of the series is titled “Close Quarters” and will focus around infantry, the second “Armored Kill” (as you may be able to guess) features vehicle combat and larger maps.

Visceral Games Montreal Working On Frostbite 2.0 Project. Is It Dead Space 3? [Rumor]

For whatever reasons they may have, EA has yet to announce the next installment of the Dead Space franchise.  With rumors pointing to a third entry being in the works, with possible spin-off games set in various genres, we all know that EA is working on a new Dead Space game but they’ve remained silent about when we could see it.

Battlefield 3 Is Receiving A Spin-Off Novel

The video game biz is no longer restricted to the world of consoles and as we have all seen over the years is instead a multi-media empire with some franchises being on par with mainstream faves like Star Wars.  Most video games are better suited for comic book, anime, or film adaptations than others and some shouldn’t even be thought of making the leap when it comes to being adapted into a novel.

EA Folds to Threats of Boycott

It hasn’t even been a week since threats from gamers put Electronic Arts in very familiar situation.

Since the threats of boycott came to fruition this past weekend. EA announced today on the official Battlefield 3 website that the additional arsenal in the Physical Warfare Pack would be free to download for all gamers.

A boycott was threatened in 2008 when EA tried something similar with Batllefield: Bad Company. This was led by Sarcastic Gamer, who thinks the threats this time around are “stupid.”

EA And Gamers Draw The Battle Lines

In 2008, Battlefield: Bad Company was released with heated criticism and threats of boycotting. Fast forward to 2011 and not much has changed with the forthcoming release of Battlefield 3.

Electronic Arts announced last week that Battlefield 3 would be available with a limited edition Physical Warfare Pack. This pack will include the Type 88 LMG, DAO-12 Shotgun, flash suppressor and Flechette Rounds. Alongside the added arsenal, the pre-order bonus includes the downloadable map pack Strike at Kirkand.

Battlefield 3 vs. Modern Warfare 3 Is On [E3 2011]

The day has come for all first person shooter fans to witness the raise of a competitor for Activision’s Call of Duty franchise.

Kicking off E3 was gameplay from the forthcoming Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare 3. Based in New York we watch a Navy Seal team invade a submarine. Almost mimicking their strategy from last year, CoD showcased new features in their single-player campaign with scuba diving. The only thing missing from this was Scuba Steve, am I right? Stylistically, MW3 was pretty, using dark tones to portray the onslaught in the heart of Americana.

Battlefield 3 Panel Live Blog

Anothery early morning for us here at GDC 2011 in California's beatutiful city by the bay, San Francisco; and that means there are a whole bunch of panels and keynotes for us to attend again. But out of all the ones that are being presented to us today the one we are most excited for (as gamers) has got to be the Battlefield 3 panel presetned to us by EA and DICE. With DICE being there we can expect some kind of mutiplayer news and maybe some gameplay information since DICE are the ones of charge of multiplayer development for BF3.

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