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Transformers Devastation [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Transformers Devastation may be linear, repetitive, and not have a plethora of replay value included but what it lacks it more than makes up for in its fan service for G1 fans. Devastation offers amazing visuals, the original voice cast, an enjoyable combat system, and frequent boss battles. If you're an old school G1 fan it's the greatest looking Transformers game you've ever seen and feels like it was taken directly from an '80s morning cartoon.

The Pros: 

+Greatest looking Transformers game ever
+Original voice acting cast
+Frequent and entertaining boss battles

The Cons: 

-Very short campaign-
The Touch by Stan Bush nor the classic TV theme song is included
-No playable Decepticons Rating : 

The moment Transformers Devastation was announced, I was all in. The kid in me that grew up with the TV series back in the '80s squealed and it seemed like I was actually going to get the G1 Transformers game I've always dreamt of. Nostalgia is a funny thing though, as you tend to remember things very fondly regardless of how they actually were, so I came in slightly skeptical and tried to keep my expectations manageable as I didn't want to be too let down just in case.

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