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DmC Demo Set For November Release

Judgment time may be near for Capcom’s reboot of the Devil May Cry franchise since gamers will be able to get a small taste of it prior to its January 2013 release.  After making public showings at events such as PAX Prime and the New York Comic Con, the new-age DmC will receive a rare pre-release demo next month.

EX Troopers Hands-On [Preview]

Capcom hasn’t exactly been as forthcoming as we wanted them to be on the matter, but even if the Lost Planet spin-off that is EX Troopers isn’t coming to the West we can ultimately get a small taste of the project.  Since Capcom hinted that EX Troopers wouldn’t be coming westward any time soon gamers have been outright annoyed since the game looks better than how we all thought it would be. 

Capcom Pulls a Zone of the Enders With Dragon's Dogma (High Profile Demo Galore)

I thought today was mostly going to be a boring day since it’s Tuesday and not much of anything happens near the start of the week.  However, Capcom has announced a megaton announcement of sorts as the upcoming game Dragon’s Dogma will include a voucher code to download a demo of Resident Evil 6. Yup, Capcom has finally gone the Zone of the Enders and Crackdown route with one of their games.

New Mass Effect 3 "Special Forces" Co-op Multiplayer Trailer

Ever since Bioware announced that Mass Effect 3 will be the first game among their intergalactic hit RPG franchise to receive the multiplayer treatment, I admittedly was not pleased with the news since I believed Mass Effect was perfectly fine without it. I know multiplayer these days is practically the backbone of every game that is released today but there are some games that manage to thrive quite well without it.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and Mass Effect 3 Cross Paths For Some Free DLC.

EA once again is up to one of their own clever marketing tricks as today they have introduced another crossover DLC promotion between two of their soon to be released RPG games, Big Huge Games' Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and Bioware's Mass Effect 3

Ninja Gaiden 3 To Offer Our First Taste Of Dead or Alive 5

Ninja Gaiden 3 is a game that gamers want to be good but so far have had a hard time being impressed by. Personally I’m excited for the new adventures of Ryu Hayabusa, even if it doesn’t involve the ability to chop the head of an opposing ninja.  The more gritty tone of Ninja Gaiden 3 may seem unnecessary but at the end of the day I think we’re going to get the same ninja action and somewhat convoluted story we expect from a Ninja Gaiden game, therefore good times are ahead.

Black Death (Survival Horror FPS) Demo Now Available

Late last month we got a somewhat cool reveal from French developer Darkworks as they unveiled their new FPS game Black Death.  Most of the time when a FPS game is announced it’s not too amazing since the genre is quickly becoming over-crowded but Black Death managed to stand out since it was a survival horror FPS.  Drawing upon their experience developing games such as Alone in the Dark, Darkworks was aiming to create a tense horror experience in Black Death where the ammo is l

Sonic Generations Demo Coming Soon, Like Real Soon

Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of Sonic and despite such an occasion making certain gamers feel like they’re as old as dinosaurs, Sonic’s b-day is something we should celebrate.  For over two decades a little blue hedgehog has entertained us in multiple ways such as giving us good games to play and games so bad that we all can’t help but to make jokes about it when we aren’t crying.

Duke Nukem Forever Demo Hits June 3rd For First Access Club Members

After over 14 years in development limbo and add a few more years to that total from when I last played a "new" Duke Nukem game, it brings me a sense of grand euphoria to finally to be able to get my hands on a new Duke Nukem game this upcoming June 14th.

Now thanks to a recent announcement from Gearbox Software, the Duke Nukem Forever Demo will finally be available to download exclusively for gamers who are members of the Duke Nukem First Access Club beginning on June 3rd on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Yakuza: Of the End [Preview]

There are a lot of things that I like in the world, two of which are zombies and the Japanese culture.  Yes, it’s a bit stereotypical for someone who likes video games to adore the land of the rising sun, but I just dig Japan as a whole in all its stylish and often zany glory.

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