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Shoot Many Robots Hands-On [PAX Prime 2011]

We last encountered the Shoot Many Robots team back at PAX East, where we had by far and above the most fun of the entire convention. I was looking forward to seeing what new developments the Demiurge team had to share with us at PAX Prime, and to simply get my hands on this game again. One of the biggest news items surrounding the game would certainly have to be that this super fun title has now been picked up by Ubisoft.

Shoot Many Robots Preview [PAX East 2011]

One of the most fun booths at all of PAX East was the Demiurge booth for their new title Shoot Many Robots. The game was playable, people could submit their own robots to be placed in the game and the Demiurge staff was dressed up quite strangely; fairy wings, beer helmets and kilts all added to the party.

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