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Deep Silver

Saints Row IV Hands-on

Even though I’m starting to be considered a “professional” in this industry there are still defining moments that remind me that I am a gamer first and a writer second. The most recent example was last week when I received an email from the lovely people over at Deep Silver that contained a preview code for the upcoming Saints Row IV.

Saints Row has long been a series I’ve praised as being one of the rare few that understands that the original concept of gaming is about fun.

Ride to Hell: Retribution Seeks To Deliver True MC Justice This Summer

The video game adaptation of the TV series Sons of Anarchy may sadly be a lost cause, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t be able to partake in some violent MC action.  Now I’m not talking about GTA IV: Lost and Damned as I’m instead talking about Ride to Hell: Retribution from Deep Silver and Eutechnyx.

Saints Row IV Is Revealed, Superpowered Craziness To The Max

The 3rd Street Saints are back and yes, they’re doing things in a unique way that will likely make a shocking first impression on us.  We all knew that a new entry in the Saints Row franchise was in the works, even when THQ was a sinking ship, and now in the wake of Deep Silver acquiring both the IP and Volition the next entry in the series has finally been announced.

THQ Finally Ceases To Be + IP News

At long last the era of THQ has come to a close. After being foretold in a sense nearly a year ago via Kevin Dent and made more apparent by the public financial issues that the company was running into, THQ is now a thing of the past.  The somewhat unfortunate demise of THQ isn’t a complete tearjerker moment however as several properties and studios made famous by the company will thankfully live on with new homes. 

Dead Island Is Getting A Movie. Yes, Another Zombie Movie Is Really Happening

Despite being announced earlier this year, film company Lionsgate once again confirmed that they have optioned the rights to do a film based on the video game Dead Island.  Word of Lionsgate’s acquisition of the Dead Island film rights was already public knowledge to a degree, but today Lionsgate once again announced their plans to move forward with Dead Island – perhaps to either gather up more interest in the film or show that this won’t become the latest video game film to be stuck in development hell.

Dead Island [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

The game is expansive. So much so that it is impossible to discuss everything that went into the game outside of publishing a full novel to detail it. There is plenty to do and see, and all of it is beautiful and interesting. The only draw backs the game has are mechanical, and they aren't enough to detract from the over-all spendor of the title. 

The Pros: 

+Massive game with almost unparalleled scope

+Addictive game-play

+Four player co-op through the entirity of the story

+Expansive skill-tree system to build the zombie-slayer of your dreams

+Ridiculous amounts of weapons/mods/upgrades

The Cons: 

+Wonky shooting system

+Unintuitive combat 

+Fluctuating difficulty level Rating : 

I'll be honest; I went into Dead Island with very low expectations. From the very minimal amount of information I had collected about the game (glancing looks at screenshots, news articles and a couple of videos) I figured it was going to be a straight-up rip-off of Left 4 Dead. Fortunately the guys over at Deep Silver had a whole lot more up their sleeve than that. Unfortunately, Left 4 Dead is going to be far from the last comparison that I make in this review.

Dead Island Goes Gold and Receives Co-op Trailer

The big news today regarding Dead Island was the upcoming game has gone gold and is now in production. Along with that statement, came a new co-op trailer displaying gameplay, bits of dialogue and – above all else – loads of gore.

Dead Island Will Be Infecting PlayStation Home Just Before Release

Deep Silver and Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that PlayStation Home will feature an upcoming mini game related to Dead Island. Much like Royal Palms Resort – the setting of Dead Island – Home will be suddenly plagued with copious amounts of walking dead. The mini game will feature many elements of the full game, such as crafting weapons and defending against zombies. Players can also just to enjoy this game with friends, taking advantage of the four player co-op offered.

Gamers Get Another Look At Dead Island Through New E3 trailer [E3 2011]

This trailer from Deep Silver prominently shows the events before and right after the zombie outbreak on the vacation resort. It appears that the player is viewing the events from the perspective of one of the men on vacation who becomes intoxicated and misses the beginning of the outbreak while passed out in his room. Upon waking up and going outside, he discovers that this wasn’t the dream vacation he had planned. The once beautiful resort is now being terrorized by zombies and he is immediately thrown into the struggle.

New Dead Island Trailer Reveals Many Gameplay Concepts

This trailer gives us our first actual look at gameplay in Dead Island, which appears to provide fresh concepts for the zombie survival genre. For example, instead of being holed up in some make shift fortress, players will experience the Island as an open world for them to explore. I’m a fan of Call of Duty’s Zombie mode, but I’ve always yearned for that run and gun zombie experience that it never seems to provide.

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