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Dead Space Ignition

Dead Space Ignition set for release next week

If the recent Dead Space 2 multiplayer beta has left you wanting more Dead Space content in your life, then you should take a peek on the PSN/XBLA next week for Dead Space Ignition.  EA’s Dead Space side project that’s a hybrid of an interactive comic/choose-your-own-adventure game/minigame collection will be available to gamers next week for the low price of $5.

First images of Dead Space Ignition

Last week EA revealed Dead Space Ignition, a new prequel to Dead Space 2.  With Dead Space being the next big thing now it isn't surprising that EA has decided to capitalize on its new property with as many spin-off projects as they can.  When EA announced Dead Space Ignition the concept sounded interesting but many wondered how it would be executed.  Thanks to the recent shindig EA threw we have our first look at the new sci-fi horror of Dead Space Ignition.

EA announces Dead Space Ignition for the PSN and Xbox Live Arcade

Dead Space has easily become one of EA’s largest franchises so it’s not surprising that various spin-off projects are in the works. With Dead Space having already spread to the Wii, novels, and animation the next logical option is of course for the franchise to hit the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

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