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Dead Space

Dead Space Franchise Reportedly Cancelled [Update]

The Necromorph killing days of Isaac Clarke may officially be coming to an end based on a new rumor that is circulating.

New PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC Includes A Space Engineer and A God

Despite SuperBot Entertainment and Sony parting ways out of nowhere, the DLC plans for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale aren’t being given the boot – at least for now.  After the arrival of the Fury Level and the arrival of Kat (Gravity Rush) and Emmett (Starhawk) as playable characters, PS All-Stars is set to receive yet another new level mash-up and two more characters.

Latest Dead Space 3 Screens Feature New Enemies and Lots Of Brown

Last month at E3 one of the many projects gamers wanted to see was revealed as EA finally lift the lid off of Dead Space 3.  We all knew that a third entry in the Dead Space series was happening, but with only unconfirmed rumors there was no knowing when or what the next entry in the sci-fi action-horror series would be.  Obviously we know what the end goal and direction of Dead Space 3 is now, and honestly it isn’t as spectacular as some had hoped it would be.

Sideshow Collectibles Reveals Their First Dead Space Product

Purveyor of some of the best cool yet expensive statues on the market right now, Sideshow Collectibles has revealed their latest video game based product.  After giving us high-end statues and maquettes of characters such as Kratos, Lara Croft, and Agent 47, Sideshow Collectibles has given us our first high-end product based on the Dead Space franchise.

[Rumor] Will Dead Space Receive Two Somewhat Unexpected Spin-Offs Before A Core Reinvention?

The Dead Space franchise may be a hit in the eyes of gamers, but it seems like EA wants the series to go on to become a mega hit thus changes are inbound.  While the third core entry in the Dead Space series has yet to be announced (is a Spike VGAs reveal possible?), Kotaku is reporting that EA is already planning the next stage of the Dead Space franchise which would see the series go in several familiar yet radically different routes.

Isaac Will Have Tons Of Issues Based On These Dead Space 3 Details

Interesting things could be afoot in Dead Space 3 as per yet another supposed script/plot leak for the title.  While the project has yet to be formally announced by EA and Visceral Games, at least in the way of game details etc., a mole within EA has shared some details on what’s in store for Isaac Clarke.  Late last month we received word that Dead Space 3 would see Isaac on a snow covered planet with a Necromorph Hivemind in addition to two female protagonists, one of which was a returning

The Team Behind Dead Space Appears To Be Prepping A New IP

EA’s go-to studio for action games could be prepping a huge new project if a recent job posting is any indication.  After releasing the mega hit that is Dead Space 2, Visceral Games looks to be gearing up for a new IP, that could very well become the series the Redwood Shores branch of the studio is known for.  Job Postings usually give us small indications of what a studio is prepping (like the recent one Media Molecule posted) but EA has gone and posted a job ad for an Executive Producer p

Scary is a new kind of rollercoaster.

I have recently had the privilege of meeting and chatting with Seth Marinello from Visceral Games. Having recently finished the development of Dead Space 2, he shared with all of us at this year’s Game Design Expo his views on the “horror genre”. This is my version.

Get Your Own Dead Space Plasma Cutter Replica

Often in the video games we play we come across things that we would love to own if given the chance.  Some gamers may want their very own replica of Master Chief’s armor while others may want a 1:1 replica of Dante’s sword from Devil May Cry.  Occasionally such items are actually made, though in varying quality and with prices which are often bloated.  Now two replica products are being made for the hottest game at the moment: Dead Space 2.

Dead Space suddenly becomes cute and cuddly

Maybe this is a sign of EA doing too much cross-franchise synergy, but for some reason Dead Space will be making an appearance in MySims SkyHeroes. The latest Sims spin-off takes to the skies in aerial based combat that can be likened to Snoopy Flying Ace, minus the immediate charm and depth.

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