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Dead Rising 2: Case West

Dead Rising 2: Case West [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Case West is a solid game that's packaged at just the right size. It melds camp with semi-serious story telling the same interesting way that the other games did, and the buddy-action-flick relationship between heavy-hitters Frank West and Chuck Greene turns out to be pretty damn awesome.

The Pros: 

+Perfect Length
+Same fun gameplay
+Co-op with two heavy hitters
+Great sense of humor

The Cons: 

-Very easy to plow through in one sitting
-Doesn't seem to link with DR2 too much Rating : 


Just under the wire Capcom/Blue Castle has released their second book-end to their second instalment of the Dead Rising franchise. Dead Rising 2: Case West is the third instalment for Dead Rising 2, and features both previous games protagonists: DR2’s Chuck Greene, and DR1’s Frank West. Along with new weapons, a new story, a new location, and the same unique game-play that built the franchise Case West incorporates a bit of the ol’ photography game-play that was dropped after the first game.

The zombie killing continues in Dead Rising 2: Case West

Being the first of its kind, Capcom’s Dead Rising 2 prequel Dead Rising: Case Zero may’ve been an gamble initially but it was worth the risk.  With 3+ million downloads already in less than two weeks, Case Zero has hit a chord amongst Dead Rising fans and those who love to kill the undead.

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