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Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising 2 Creators Seeking Talent For New IP

It’s time to play the guessing game once again and this time it involves the sometimes schizophrenic Capcom. Over the course of this console generation Capcom started off strong with key releases such as Lost Planet and Dead Rising, but then wheels buckled on the Capcom hype train with titles such as Bionic Commando and how properties such as Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Devil May Cry have been handled.  Capcom’s current stable of titles and developers may be shaky at best, but there is hope with Capcom Vancouver, who just so happen to be at the center of our latest mystery.

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Overall it was very difficult to find play value in this $40 title if you've already played Dead Rising 2. If you happened to skip it because you felt that a Dead Rising without Frank West wasn't worth it (it was still good in its own right, though) then this is all you were looking for.

The Pros: 

+Sandbox Mode means hordes of zombies will die without the hindrance of time limits

+Interesting look into the life of Frank West, who now looks like Dan Aykroyd; post-Dead Rising

+New weapon combos

The Cons: 

-It's basically an expansion pack for Dead Rising 2

-You can't get around the Zombrex this time

-Only real new addition is the just-opened Uranus Zone Rating : 

Right off the bat, Dead Rising 2 seemed a little too much like Capcom wanted to rush out another Dead Rising title as soon as possible. Not that the game felt broken or sloppy at all, but really just that, as a full release, it didn't seem to have a lot to offer to the series other than a "what-if" scenario where Frank was on the scene at Fortune City instead of Chuck. While it was nice to see the addition of at least one new area and some fresh weapon combos, the whole thing felt like something that should have been DLC instead.

Canadian Video Game Awards & Canada Games Conference 2011!


Canadian Video Game Awards:

To further express our countries amazing video game developers, we here in Vancouver hold an annual Canadian Video Game Awards show. This show is filled with development superstars and high profile press/entertainment icons. The second annual CVGA's took place the eve before we kicked off the Canadian Games Conference. Here is the list of the winners and nominees followed by my romp through the Canadian Games Conference.

Dead Rising 2 [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

A fun feeling "Sunday" game. Casual, laid back, not particularly engaging or in-depth, but a whole heck of a lot of fun to mess around in.

The Pros: 

Fun gameplay. Improved weapon system, with combination weapon creation system. Co-op addition from the previous title. Online multiplayer (aka free in-game money). Big, crazier world in which to wreak havoc.

The Cons: 

Same restrictive time-sensitive mission structure of the previous game. Restrictive, manual save feature that will have you cursing out your Xbox/PS3/PC at least once or twice. Rating : 

The original Dead Rising game was one that I wound up having a bit of a love/hate relationship with. While I love the “core” idea of hacking through hordes of zombies – specifically within the confines of a mall – the idea of having to abide by a time restriction throughout the game, and constantly saving to ensure you maintain your progress did irk me something fierce.

Capcom Releasing Dead Rising 2 Costume DLC Packs Starting October 12th.

Starting on October 12th Capcom plans to release four unique costume themed DLC packs for Dead Rising 2. One costume DLC pack will be released on a week by week basis starting next Tuesday and ending on November 2.

Psychopath Theme Pack: October 12, 2010
Psycho Chuck will be a zombie’s worst nightmare as his new “insane” look will make him more difficult to kill and give him a host of gruesome weapons including chainsaws, cleavers, axes and more.

QuarterSave: vs. 3D (Again!) EP52

I’m sure that you all missed us very much, but we hope that you understand that Corey has been working like a mad-man to complete his apartment renovations to move in as soon as possible… Even though he’s been working on it for over two months now! Anyways, there’s plenty to catch up on as Video Game News continued on in our absence (who knew!?). This week’s episode features not only the return of the show and the cast, but also the return of the weekly beer review!

Dead Rising 2: Official Launch Trailer

T-minus 5 days until Capcom's Dead Rising 2 infects your gaming console with some good ole fashion zombie whomping. 

To hold you over until then Capcom released the official launch trailer that demands your inspiration for some zombie killing creativity that promises to deliver hours of gory fun.

After spending some considerable time playing Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, I for one can't wait to get to Fortune City and trying out my luck with some zombie slaying.

Scare up your own copy on September 28th.

PlayStation Network Store Updates: 9/21/10 [NA]

PlayStation Network Store updates for the week of: 9/21/10 (A day late)

The zombie killing continues in Dead Rising 2: Case West

Being the first of its kind, Capcom’s Dead Rising 2 prequel Dead Rising: Case Zero may’ve been an gamble initially but it was worth the risk.  With 3+ million downloads already in less than two weeks, Case Zero has hit a chord amongst Dead Rising fans and those who love to kill the undead.

Diifii checks out Capcom's Dead Rising 2 event

This past weekend my Saturday has been extra amazing thanks to Capcom taking the time and interest in organizing one of the finest video game events I have yet been to. Capcom has booked the spectacular Empire Casino right in the centre of London for their Dead Rising 2 first play event.

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