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Dead or Alive: Dimensions

Tecmo and Nintendo troll us, Samus not playable in Dead or Alive: Dimensions

I think we’ve just been trolled by Nintendo and Tecmo Koei as the legendary character of Samus Aran won’t be playable in Dead or Alive: Dimensions.  Now some of you are probably saying “Well of course Samus won’t be playable.

New extremely sharp looking Dead or Alive: Dimensions screens

After being M.I.A for a while, and sorely missed, the Dead or Alive franchise is finally making a return to console gamers. There is a catch though as the new DOA game is destined for the Nintendo 3DS.  Don’t ask me who makes these decisions at Tecmo Koei but let’s be thankful we’re at least getting a direct fighting based DOA game and not another “volleyball” game starring the buxom ladies of the franchise.

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