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WB Games Finally Reveals First Series Of Figures For Batman: Arkham City

With Batman: Arkham City finally coming out next month that means we’re finally going to see the first of many tie-in products for the game. Based on the runaway success Batman: Arkham Asylum received and the general fandom for all things Batman related, Warner Brothers is pushing Batman: Arkham City as far as they can and that of course means we’re getting action figures based on the Dark Knight’s latest adventure.

Killzone Series 1 DC Direct Figures [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Once again DC Direct has offered a solid line of figures that don’t stray from the source material and manage to have more detail than you would expect given the price point.  Fans of Killzone will surely appreciate the design of the Assault Infantry and Sniper figures as both look as they do in the video games. The lack of a few additional details in the helmets and somewhat restrictive battle poses is a slight bummer, but aren’t detrimental to the overall quality of the figures. 

The Pros: 

+ The design of the figures is nearly perfect as they capture the essence of how the characters look in the games.
+ There’s a plethora of tiny design touches on both figures.
+ Unlike other figures on the market, the price point for the Series 1 figures is really affordable.

The Cons: 

- Not being able to put the figures in different poses is slightly disappointing.
- There’s just something missing in how the glowing Helghast helmet eyes are portrayed.
- Having a second accessory or decorative display stand would’ve been a nice touch. Rating : 

Compared to when the video game industry once again hit its stride in the mid-1990s and later boomed in the early 2000s the business is completely different in every possible way.  Video games are no longer solely an interactive experience as some brands extend to more “normal” forms of entertainment like novels, comic books, films and in some cases action figures.  In a way video games and toys go hand in hand as they allow us to see something cool and at one point in our lives when we were younger, playing with toys like G.I.

Have Some Characters In Batman: Arkham City Finally Been Revealed? [RUMOR]

In terms of keeping a project completely sealed from any potential leaks, the job that developer Rocksteady and WB Games has done so far in regards to Batman: Arkham City is almost on the same caliber as what Rockstar Games typically does with their productions.  Since the new adventure of the Dark Knight was unveiled last Summer, we really haven’t heard a peep about what the game has in store for us aside from a few basic gameplay additions and how the maniacal Dr. Hugo Strange would be causing our favorite vigilante some trouble.

Sony is a bit late to the party with their new figures

When it comes to releasing products based on their properties Sony seems to be a bit behind compared to Microsoft and to some extent Nintendo.  While products like the upcoming God of War statues made by Sideshow Collectibles are timely based on the release of God of War 3 other products such as the Resistance 2 action figures are a bit late to the party since they’re coming out a year after the game was released.

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