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Batman: Arkham City Gameplay Trailer Finally Rises From The Night

Batman: Arkham Asylum was one of those rare games that upon release won near critical acclaim from every media outlet and everyone who played it. Sure, the game had a few issues and there were some flat out haters out there, but developer Rocksteady simply created a game that from top to bottom was entertaining and more importantly it felt like the Batman simulator we were all wishing for.

Batman: Arkham City Finally Gets A Release Date

Details concerning the latest adventure of the Dark Knight have been somewhat elusive, but at least we have one thing confirmed: a release date.  WB Games and DC Comics have announced that the highly awaited Batman: Arkham City will be available in all major territories this October, just before the Holiday release madness begins.

More Batman: Arkham City Screens Step Out Of The Shadows

For the past two weeks we’ve gotten a nice amount of content related to Batman: Arkham City, whether it be in the form of new screens or juicy rumors concerning possible characters set to appear in the game.  Being a huge fan of Batman: Arkham Asylum and loving the hell out of what I’ve seen of Batman: Arkham City so far, I’m of the mindset that this slow media reveal will eventually lead to something major, perhaps an official release date or even a gameplay video.  I could be setting myself up for disappointment, but I’m just in the mood to see Batman glide over the decaying str

DC Comics and WB Games Announces Batman: Arkham City Prequel Comic Book Series

DC Comics has just announced that this May they will be releasing a new comic series set in the universe established in the worldwide best seller Batman: Arkham Asylum video game.  The comic book, which is written by Paul Dini (the same man who wrote Arkham Asylum) is set one year after the events we played in Batman: Arkham Asylum and serves as a set-up to what occurs in Batman: Arkham City.

Two New DC Universe Online Trailers And New Content Info Released

SOE has released two videos for DC Universe Online, one showing endgame content and a new cinematic for what looks like an upcoming expansion to the game. Along with these, SOE has been kind enough to give some details on the upcoming content patch for the month of February, keeping with their promise to release new content on a monthly basis.

Batman: Arkham City Looks Amazing In These New Screens, As Is Usually The Case

From what has been revealed so far, 2011 is going to be one of those special years in gaming.  We got a bunch of amazing games coming out like Uncharted 3 and sexy new hardware like the Sony NGP and the Nintendo 3DS.  Out of the many pieces of gaming goodness that’s set for release in 2011, Batman: Arkham City has got to be near the top if not on the top of many gamers “Most Anticipated Games of 2011” lists.

DC Universe Online [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Although the game has flaws, they are not enough to completely detract from the game. As it is, this game is the best console based MMO to have been made so far. It may be lacking in a few areas, but they are only areas that can be fixed with more development time, which all MMOs are expected to need.

The Pros: 

Great combat system, good voice work, impressive character creation system, and general high quality content.

The Cons: 

Low level cap that is quick and easy to get to, and though the content is good, there is not enough currently to last for too long. Story can also be confusing to those not following DC comics. Rating : 

MMOs have tried before to establish themselves on consoles. This one has succeeded where quite a few have failed before. Rather than trying to port a PC version of the game to the console, the game seems built to be played with a controller. I felt like I could jump right into things with it, instead of needing to learn where things are bound like on a PC. As much as I did enjoy the game, it was not without a few faults. These faults don't take much away from the game though, and the positives do generally outweigh the negatives.

DC Universe Online didn't cost that much to make, well at least by today's standards

Releasing a major MMO these days is a big thing. With stiff competition from World of Warcraft and other games that have a strong grasp in niche markets, it’s almost mandatory to lay down the cash in order to build the infrastructure required to become a dominant contender in the MMO arena.  DC Universe Online is the latest MMO to drop and on the day of its release we have some details on just how much money Sony Online Entertainment spent on crafting the epic comic book game.

DC Universe Online gets bumped to 2011 plus news on the beta

If you’re like me, chances are you’ve probably been wondering what the hell was up with the lack of hype for DC Universe Online.  So far all Sony Online Entertainment has done is release a few trailers and a rather bad-ass pre-rendered cutscene. Other than that we’ve gotten absolutely nothing major for the project and the details on a beta seem like they’ve been drifting in the Phantom Zone.  But now you can scratch off DC Universe Online as a 2010 release as SOE have officially announced the game has been delayed.

Early details on Batman: Arkham City

Last week it was like Christmas came early as Game Informer announced they had the world exclusive on Batman: Arkham City. With only an official logo and two pieces of Game Informer cover art, the video game community was instantly abuzz with hype and anticipation over what the next adventure of the Dark Knight would include. Now the first of presumably many details have finally come forth concerning Arkham City.

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