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NetherRealm Studios (Mortal Kombat) Reveal Injustice: Gods Among Us, A New DC Comics Based Brawler

Marvel may be beating DC in a lot of areas recently as most comic book fans and general geeks will say that stuff like The Avengers and even how Marvel is handling their comic books is leagues better than what DC has done. Now I’m not trying to ignite a mass fanboy war of some kind, but there will always be those who dig what Marvel does and in some ways it’s obvious that DC is lagging behind in some form.  Whatever may have transpired in the past DC may be on the way to beating Marvel when it comes to one specific area: providing a good fighting video game.

Images Of Cancelled Justice League Game Surface

The video game industry usually has a few major casualties of war in the form of projects that for one reason or another are cancelled. Sometimes budget reasons can be the cause for a project being binned while other times it’s simply because the development studio has issues and the publisher becomes less than confident in the product.  There are likely dozens of cancelled games we know absolutely nothing about but some of the more notable ones we are privy to oddly enough are superhero games.

The Next Generation Of Superheroes Step Up In Young Justice: Legacy

In news that may please both superhero fans and cartoon lovers, WB Games and Little Orbit have revealed Young Justice: Legacy. Based on the Cartoon Network series Young Justice, the video game adaptation of the series will feature heroes such as Robin and The Flash do the bidding for their grown up counterparts while they go on their own separate superhero adventures.  I’ll be upfront in saying that I haven’t seen the series myself, but from what I’ve heard it’s decent and is the closest we’ll ever get to another JLA show so in the minds of many the show is absolutely golden.

WB Games Issues Release Date For Gotham City Impostors, The FPS Batman Game

In case you’re yearning for yet another Batman video game experience you may or may not be interested in Gotham City Impostors, the new Batman FPS spin-off game.  Helmed by Monolith Productions (F.E.A.R), Gotham City Impostors has gamers assuming the roles of would be vigilantes mimicking themselves after Batman and the Joker. WB Games unveiled Gotham City Imposters earlier this year but it hasn’t been until now that the studio has announced when the game would drop.

Catwoman Segments In Batman: Arkham City Require An Online Pass

Next Tuesday is going to be a special day for gamers since Batman: Arkham City is finally going to be available at retail. For the last two years everyone has anticipated the return of the Dark Knight and from what I’ve heard Rocksteady has once again delivered what is considered to be the best superhero/licensed/comic book game ever created.  I’m sure Batman: Arkham City will have a few minor points of contention here and there (supposedly the boss encounters leave a bit to be desired), but everything was shaping up to be nearly flawless – that is until now.

Robin Gets Some Additional Love With Two New Skins For Batman: Arkham City

By now we should all be used to the many different character skins included in Batman: Arkham City.  Developer Rocksteady is clearly catering to Batman fans by providing a few different iterations of Batman from the many interpretations that have been created over the years, including a bonus skin based on his design from Batman: The Animated Series.  Since Batman isn’t the only playable character in Arkham City that means he won’t be the only one getting the bo

Batman Gets An Icy Reception In This New Batman: Arkham City Trailer

Now that the days are inching ever so closely towards October WB Games is finally becoming forthcoming about Batman: Arkham City.  There are still a lot of things we don’t know about the game such as why the Joker is dying or how Talia al Ghul plays into things, but we have gotten a better idea of the villains that will appear in the game, which as a whole is why Batman: Arkham City may become a godly game.

Customize Your Charlatan in Gotham City Imposters

It was a welcome sight when the initial trailer for Gotham City Imposters debuted at E3 this year and even more so now with the new customization trailer.

We live in a world where gaming is all about player preference. Being able to make your character your own is key to making any game a great experience. This is something that is being adopted for the upcoming downloadable Gotham City Imposters.

Batman: Arkham City Gets A New Animated And Comic Book Look With These Bonus Skins

We may still be two and a half months away from roaming the streets of Arkham City, but the news concerning the bonus skins in Batman: Arkham City continues to flow at a steady pace. Typically whether or not a game has bonus skins isn’t a big deal but it’s a different story when it comes to Batman. With the Dark Knight having various costumes spanning dozens of comics over the last forty years it is a big deal when Rocksteady is offering gamers the option to pick a particular design from Batman’s extensive history they wish to kick ass with.

Batman Teams Up With An Unlikely Ally In Batman: Arkham City

Given the history that there is between Batman and Bane it’s almost unimaginable that the two would team up together and battle a common enemy. With Batman having a staunch sense of justice and Bane being a calculating baddie who is an uber juicehead, it’s tough to think of a scenario in which the two foes would team up.  But as a sign of Rocksteady’s brilliance, the developer has revealed that Batman will be teaming up with Bane in Batman: Arkham City.

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