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Darksiders II

The Future Of The Darksiders Franchise And What's Possibly Next For Vigil

Next month will prove to be a very important moment for THQ as it’s once again one of those make or break situations the company is all too familiar with.  While THQ managed to avoid being delisted by NASDAQ, the greater challenge lays ahead in the release of Darksiders II.  The highly anticipated follow-up to the 2010 game has definitely received buzz given what the team at Vigil Games has managed to create, but its do or die time for both THQ and the Darksiders franchise.

THQ Receives A Slight Financial Boost, Delays Darksiders II

In news that will surely make the front page of, the financially troubled game publisher/developer has announced that early estimates peg the company exceeding their previously estimated earnings. What exactly does that mean for those who don’t follow the stock ticker on CNBC?

New Darksiders II Trailer Makes Me Wish We Had A CG Darksiders Movie

I don’t know if doing pre-rendered trailers for games are totally pointless these days since they’re just marketing tools.  It may make sense to some people for a game company to release a promo trailer for a game since the main goal is to make people talk about the product, but when a high-end pre-rendered trailer often costs upwards of $1 million to produce (I once heard a per-minute quote from Blur Studios that made me dizzy), these things may be cool but they aren’t cheap by any means.

Darksiders II Limited & Collector’s Editions Announced.

THQ revealed today that there will be not one but two special editions of their upcoming action adventure sequel starring Death of the Four Horsemen, Darksiders II. There will be a Limited Edition that will available at no additional cost to all who pre-order the game whereas the Collector's Edition will require some extra cash in order to obtain it.  

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