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Remaining THQ Properties Acquired (Darksiders, Homeworld, Red Faction)

The rather depressing saga of THQ is almost over for good since the remaining properties once owned by the company have now been acquired. Initially passed up in the auction that saw Ubisoft pick up South Park and Saints Row become part of the Koch Media family, once major THQ franchises such as Darksiders and Drawn to Life now have new homes – however unexpected they may be.

Darksiders Property Likely To Be Acquired By Crytek

THQ may be nothing more than missed potential and shattered dreams at this point, but there is still hope for the Darksiders franchise.  Even though Darksiders developer Vigil Games was dissolved due to not being acquired in the first wave of IP/asset sales held in January, none other than Crytek could come to the rescue once again to keep the post-apocalyptic demon/angel franchise alive.

Publishers Reportedly Already Eyeing THQ Properties [Rumor]

The last week or so hasn’t been all too kind to THQ since it seems like the company is perpetually stuck in a brutal 9th round fight against an opponent that is unrelenting. After announcing that several core titles would receive slight release bumps that would see them released in mid 2013, the stock of THQ plummeted drastically and in turn chatter has arisen that talks are already underway with several other publishers to acquire existing properties such as the beloved Saint Row series.

Darksiders Co-Creator/Creative Director Departs THQ

Darksiders co-creator and Vigil Games Creative Director Joe Madureira has announced his departure from THQ.  Best known for his work in comic books over the years, Joe transitioned to the world of video games with great success thanks to the Darksiders series.  Providing the same art style Joe was known for, the Darksiders series presented gamers with a nice mixture of old-school action/adventure gaming but now such a thing may be a thing of the past due to this new development.

New Darksiders II Trailer Makes Me Wish We Had A CG Darksiders Movie

I don’t know if doing pre-rendered trailers for games are totally pointless these days since they’re just marketing tools.  It may make sense to some people for a game company to release a promo trailer for a game since the main goal is to make people talk about the product, but when a high-end pre-rendered trailer often costs upwards of $1 million to produce (I once heard a per-minute quote from Blur Studios that made me dizzy), these things may be cool but they aren’t cheap by any means.

THQ outlines their upcoming batch of releases (UFC workout game!?!?)

Today is one of those special sought after days in the world of gaming: a publisher has updated us on their upcoming release roster. I know, it’s nothing for us to get overly excited about to the point where we post gifs from Predator to show awesome how the news is. But today THQ did drop a few key pieces of info, some of which will are both awesome and sad at the same time.

An update on the future of Darksiders

So far 2010 has had a fair share of hits, disappointments, and massive flops. But one game that was a huge surprise hit was THQ’s Darksiders. Darksiders had a lot going against, mainly that it was a unique new IP being released at the start of the year. But Darksiders managed to buck most trends of being another God of War/Devil May Cry “clone” and ended up being a game that was praised for its art design, combat and RPG/adventure game elements.

THQ lays out it's upcoming slate of games

Financial report conferences for game companies aren’t always a complete bore that are merely full of self congratulatory updates or the dreaded gloom and doom announcements of company cutbacks.  While any financial report will feature those elements there’s usually some good stuff to come out them in the form of new games being announced.  Even though all we usually get is an unofficial name accompanied by a vague release window which is bound to be delayed four times it’s always good to know what a company has planned.

[Review] Darksiders

Overall Feeling: 

With its varied combat, challenging puzzles and epic plot Darksiders succeeds in merging many elements , and in doing so offers a terrific experience that’s likely to have something to offer for most who will play it. But more importantly, rather than feeling like yet another simple clone, Darksiders genuinely feels like a legitimate contender.

The Pros: 

Addictive combat with a large variety of enemies to face and moves to master. Epic boss battles. A gorgeous visual style that has as much variation as the combat itself. A plot filled with entertaining characters as well as a few twists along the way.

The Cons: 

War’s character is all too generic. The camera often leaves you unsure of where enemies are leaving War wide open. Rating : 

Creating a game which draws its influences from some of modern gaming’s biggest series is a bold move on the part of developer Vigil Games, but it’s certainly one that has paid off. By enlisting the help of artist Joe “Mad” Madureira the slick visual style on display in Darksiders alone is enough to make the game stand out. Add to that a combat system that’s as deep as it is rewarding along with a handful of massive boss battles and you have a game that goes well beyond the title of clone.

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